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3rd &10: 5 Things to Consider Heading into NFL Cam

For all of us NFL addicts out there camp is an exciting time. We see how rookies are doing and how well veterans are returning. It’s also a nice on the field distraction from the various arrests-and in particular the Hernandez circus.Here are some things of note heading into camp.
1. Will the Patriots circus continue?
It’s odd to see a team other than the Jets be as ridiculous. The Patriots have certainly become the new act in the league this offseason. Between losing Welker (and the drama that went down in the trade), Robert Kraft and his, well now Putin’s ring, Gronk being broken, Tebow being picked up and Hernandez  being arrested it’s been nuts. Looking past all the foolishness that has happened one has to wonder how strong the team is, as well, a NFL team. Do they have what it takes to be a successful franchise on the field this season?
2. Are the Ravens Strong Enough?
This has been a major topic of conversation since the great outpouring of talent in Baltimore. After winning the Super Bowl a lot has gone down in Ravens nation. They lost Ed Reed, Bernand Pollard, Paul Kruger, Dannel Ellerbe, Cary Williams, Ray Lewis, Anquan Boldin, Matt Birk.. the list is longer but you get the idea. There was some restocking; now Elvis Dumervil Chris Canty and Marcus Spears are on the team. Lardarius Webb will also be returning from injury. Offensively, Old Joe is still quarterback, but there has been no real replacement of Boldin. It will be a very different team, defensively at least- the real question is whether they can click.

3. Will Chip Kelly have a successful NFL debut?

The Eagles new head coach has made some major changes with the team. He brings a fresh perspective to a team that needed it badly. Whether his coaching talent can carry over from the college level to the big leagues is a different question.

4. Who will win the quarterback job in Buffalo?
The Buffalo Bills are currently deciding between two men for the QB starting role. Both Kevin Kolb and rookie EJ Manuel are up for the job. The question is whether EJ is ready and whether it is better for him to mentor with Kolb for a season. Either way Buffalo should be lucky Spiller is on the team still.

5.Can Andy Reid turn around the Kansas City Chiefs?

After a dismal season last year the Chiefs are looking to change things up, and well, win. Andy Reid is the new HC and should help things greatly by helping the team have more than 2 wins. Not to mention that Alex Smith as the new quarterback should up that win record.  With that combination as well as their solid drafting and free agency acquisitions it should be a better season for the Chiefs.

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