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3rd & 10: 7 NFL Rumors in No Particular Order


3rd & 10: 7 NFL Rumors in No Particular Order

First off, I apologize for my absence. Shit got real.

Anyways, some crazy things happened in the NFL since I last wrote here for Babes Dig Balls. So much that I was having a hard time choosing a topic. Free agency was particular ‘turned up.’ I think it makes the most sense to talk rumors. What’s real, what’s not and what’s plain crazy.

So here we go; the most recent NFL rumors on the market.



1. The DeSean Jackson to the Redskins is a Done Deal

DeSean, the little crip, (allegedly), visited the Redskins on Monday. There was initially a lot of interest from a lot of teams in signing him. However, he has only visited the Redskins thus far. It’s being reported that contract negotiations have already started and his becoming a ‘Skin is imminent. It seems odd to me that he is taking the first deal. There was some real interest out there despite his shady past and diva status, and possible poisonous relationship with former coach Chip Kelly. I guess you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


2. The Pats Are Making an Epic Chess Move with Manziel

Johnny Football, aka Manziel, is visiting the Pats camp Wednesday. The Patriots are giving up one of their 30 on site visits to see Manziel. Rumor is that he isn’t being evaluated for them; but for his worth to the rest of the league. The Pats have Brady and therefore, not a real need for him. It’s been speculated that at spot 29 in the draft they could try and to trade down to a team hoping to jump back into round one to get Manziel if he is passed over initially. It seems like an elaborate move that Belichick would use. Or maybe they want to groom him to be the next franchise leader?


3. Strahan could co-host Good Morning America

I’m kidding. This isn’t really news.


4. The Vikings Want Zach Mettenberger the Former LSU Tigers quarterback

The Vikings have a lot of holes to fill. And they also have some first spots to help fill those needs. However, the rumor is that they will not take a quarterback in the first round. They are setting their sites on Mettenberger. Mettenberger is a forecasted second round pick due to the torn ACL from the penultimate game for LSU this past season against the Arkansas Razorbacks.No splashy moves for the Vikings.


5. Donald Trump might become the new owner of the Buffalo Bills.

I’m sorry to drop that on you without warning you. You really should have been sitting down. The rumor is that Donald Trump was contacted about buying a piece of the team since Ralph Wilson passed away. The good news for Bills Mafia is that he said he wouldn’t move the team out of Buffalo. As a Torontonian I say, thank you Donald, we lose enough here.


6. Ray Rice is Having a Wedding Reception in June

This isn’t really the point of this post. I really just used this rumor to talk about what a psycho Rice is. I tricked you, I know. Well, Rice was indicted for aggravated assault for an incident that happened recently. This incident appears to be him punching his then fiance so hard in the face that she became unconscious. The video of him dragging her by her heels out of an elevator was hard to watch. It’s believed he married her in such a rush to try and protect her from having to testify. However, it’s being said that in New Jersey she won’t be free from testifying due to spousal privilege. Brandon Spikes may be right about whole “Ray Rice needs to be choked out” thing.


7. Stevie Johnson May Be Leaving Behind the Bills

There’s a crazy rumor going around that Stevie Johnson may be traded. The Bills have a first round pick that is thought to be already tagged for Mike Evans. If this was to happen then Johnson may be traded in exchange for a late round draft pick. The rumor of trading Johnson came up in January already, but nothing came of it. Johnson would most likely garner some attention considering the wide receiver market right now; but I can’t see the Bills wanting to let him go.