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3rd & 10: Buffalo Bills Sign Kevin Kolb


I’ve always been a bit critical of the decisions that the Bills make. Signing Fitzpatrick to a six-year, $59 million contract extension including a $10 million signing bonus was one of those moments. That was a lot of money for a quarterback that was unproven. His league high interception record in 2011 proved that the hesitation was not unfounded.

Now, once again, the Bills have signed a quarterback to a contract that he most likely won’t deserve. Kevin Kolb signed a two-year $13 million dollar contract with the Bills. (For interest’s sake Fitzpatrick’s new contract is worth $6.5 over two years).

Here are the main issues that this is a disaster.

Yes, the Bills did need a starter quarterback, but signing one who has not been able to get the job done for $13 million was not the right step. He is not a starter. He comes from a history of injuries and losing games. His record is 9-12 as a starter. He has also been on three teams in four years. Kolb is 28 and entering his seventh NFL season. If he had what it took to be a starter he would have shown it by now.

It must also have Bills fans worried that the Bills not aggressively pursuing a quarterback in the draft. It was assumed that when the Bills dumped Fitzy that they would use their number 8 draft pick on a quarterback. They have been keeping close tabs on West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. Spending the $13 million on a quarterback may mean they have decided to pencil in Kolb as the starter and use the pick to bridge other gaps in the team. Then again, maybe signing Kolb was a way to take the pressure off their need for a rookie quarterback. The plan could be to sign a less talented quarterback later in the draft in hopes they can work on him for a few years to improve his talents.

If the Bills have decided to use Kolb as a starter for the next two years things are going to get ugly. The third time cannot be the charm in Buffalo. Kolb had a rough, nearly nonexistent o-line in Arizona, but his struggles are separate from that factor. He needs to be a confident, consistent, healthy quarterback capable of starting and staying for a full 16 games.
I just can’t see this happening. Get ready for another rough year Buffalo.