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3rd &10: Mark Sanchez On the Open Market


3rd &10: Mark Sanchez On the Open Market

Oh Marky. It looks like the Jets and Sanchez are parting ways. After a couple of less than stellar years in NYC the Jets look poised to dump him. Nothing is official yet but the Jets would save $8.3 million dollars. Considering the current state of their team and the need to buy some important pieces Sanchez looks like he may go- the media definitely thinks so.

I saw the news on Bleacher Report initially. The headline said he was being shown lots of interest. Like he was some awesome quarterback. Some nugget of goodness in the rough that is the free agent quarterback pool (I just can’t call him a diamond). Yet the author was pretty blatant in stating that Sanchez would not be a starter. That he would instead prove himself as a valuable, reliable back up.

First off, let’s just talk about the state of the Jets QB ranks. There was the awkward Geno Smith/Mark Sanchez “battle.” Which was more like two homeless guys fighting over the crust off a discarded hamburger bun. Yet, Geno Smith was the genocoaster and that awkward weak scrabble on the pavement was real. The Jets would need to sign another back-up. Michael Vick or Josh McGown. I quake in excitement at the prospect of the NY media attacking Vick. He’d have to be in witness protection program to survive the season. If they “succeed” in signing one of the gentlemen then they would dump Sanchez-but if they are not “successful” than I would imagine that Sanchez stays.

If he leaves I seriously doubt he sprouts a new more accurate arm and becomes the gem that he’s being touted as. It’s been mentioned he could go to the Jags, but they just resigned Ched Henne. The Vikings resigned Matt Casell so they’re also doubtful. He could go to Cali and become a Raider; but I imagine they are seeking fresh blood in the draft as a first priority. The Bills have also been mentioned. Mostly because the Bills are the Ash Ketchum of the league and they need to catch em all- not the balls; but the useless quarterbacks. He might have to actually play though because Manual appears to be constantly broken. This fact alone makes me think the Bills can’t be serious.

So what does this all mean?

It means that Mark Sanchez is not a ‘catch.’
In a depleted veteran quarterback league he is one of the pieces that, although riddled with problems, will still get a job. And that job? It might just be the Jets bench — again.