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3rd & 10: Money Bags Joe Flacco Continues to Shine- Or Something Like That


It was announced that the Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco will be playing Johnny Unitas in an upcoming documentary about the famous football player. Joe Flacco will be playing Unitas in action scenes for the movie.

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The film has possibly the worst pun title ever. This is saying a lot coming from me; I love puns.

It’s called, wait for it, Unitas We Stand.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to collect yourself let’s finish the story.

It turns out that the Unitas family is not very happy that Joe Flacco is playing their Johnny.  Joe, Johnny’s son, is the one that has been putting together the film. It is Johnny’s grandson, Johnny, who is upset with the casting. He believes that a real actor should be playing his grandfather in the film. Johnny’s other son, J.C. also thinks that Flacco is a ‘goofball’ and should not be portraying his father. The two believe that Peyton Manning would have been a better choice if a football player were to be cast.

John’s response?

“The guy’s a turd.”

Perfect. Exactly the mature response that we all expected from Johnny Unitas’s son.

This family feud gone public has already gone too far. The unhappy Unitas boys should be pleased that their Johnny is going to be portrayed by an actual quarterback. I would think that a recent Super Bowl Champion quarterback is a lot more welcoming than a no-name stunt actor. Sure, Flacco doesn’t look a thing like their Johnny, and he is a bit goofy, but he’s a real life quarterback from the Baltimore organization.

Hopefully these kids can keep their anger a little more private from now on.