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3rd & 10: The Biggest Story Lines Around the NFL Draft


3rd & 10: The Biggest Story Lines Around the NFL Draft

It’s nearly NFL Draft Day!!

I could make a mock draft, but that’s what everyone does.
So let me help educate you on making your own mock draft.

Michael Sam is Posed to Make NFL History
Michael Sam may become the first openly gay player in the NFL. I say may because he put up a poor showing at the combine. He had some of the worst measurables among other players at his position. He’s also being doubted due to his small size.  Add that to the media storm that will follow him everywhere and his stock isn’t looking too great. Some are saying he may not be drafted at all.
Teddy Bridgewater‘s Stock Plummets
Teddy was picked to be an early first rounder by many. However, in the past week he has dropped to the bottom of the 1st and even into the 2nd by some. The doubt lies in his poor showing at Pro Day. The analysts began picking the poor guy apart. He was suddenly viewed as not have the best arm strength and size. His hands were brought up as being below average in size. Bridgewater said he was less than spectacular because he didnt wear gloves but it was too late. The narrative has been spun. By most:https://twitter.com/ChrisHansenNFL/statuses/460414972783128576
 Jadeveon Clowney Can Do Whatever He Wants
Clowney is the the type of talent that comes along once in a decade.
The kid is good. This means that he can pretty much do whatever he wants.
He can refuse to do workouts, he can run a 40 in Indy and call it quits, he can be a total diva and it won’t matter. Every team would love the guy. The Texans will most likely draft him at number one and wreck havoc on Andrew Luck in the upcoming season. Watt AND Clowney?? A quarterback can be developed, Clowney is too good to pass on.Johnny Manziel is Number One Again
The Jags GM says he is the most ready QB for the NFL in the draft. The Rams are salivating over him. Dallas fans are wishing upon a star and the Raiders are somehow not interested. BUT Manziel is considered to be the number one QB picked. Its expected that the Jags could take him in the third spot, or the Browns at the 4th. However, after months of his stock on a roller coast ride it’s now leveling off at the top. Let’s see where he goes. He is already on Sports Illustrated cover.
Crab Leg Thief 
Looking forward to Jameis Winston another headline looms.
Yes, he won’t be in this draft, but his recent behavior may affect his stock in the 2015 draft.
The stories such as his possible involvement with a rape and now his off field predicament of stealing crab legs from a grocery store are all adding up against him. He was supposed to be a number 1 pick but scouts are seeing that he can’t be trusted to make good decisions. He has the year ahead to prove to the NFL that he is still of value. I mean, who steals crab legs??