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3rd & 10: What to do about Gronk?


The offseason has just begun, but there are some players who are already far into party mode. Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is one of those players.

First there was Gronk with his shirt off guzzling beers in New Orleans. Then there was Gronk doing WWE moves in Vegas. Now there’s a story floating about that sex.com has offered Gronk the equivalent of this 2014 salary to do a porno with porn star Bibi Jones. Gronk had previously posted photos of himself with her on Twitter.

How far will he go — and how far is too far?

Now, Gronkowski isn’t new to the party scene. He’s known as the football player to be shirtless and dancing wherever a good time is to be had. He’s a 23-year-old multi-millionaire celebrity — who can blame the guy?

However, how much he should be allowed to party in the public eye is being called into question. Some are calling for the team to step in. McGinest of the NFL Network thinks that it’s time for someone to have a word with Gronk about his behaviour. Specifically, Tom Brady, the golden child of the NFL, should do the tsk-tsking.

The question is, is that really necessary? Gronk doesn’t get wasted and drive his car into medians. He doesn’t get into fights and tasered by the police. It also doesn’t appear that he parties while carrying a gun or a knife.

In my opinion, let Gronk be Gronk. He isn’t harming anyone but perhaps his own reputation as a sober adult. Party on dude.