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3rd & 10: Where in the World is Alex Smith Going?


Even if it is the offseason there is always something to talk about in football land. It is a magical place. Besides the NFL combine, there is one particular juicy rumor afoot. It appears that the San Francisco 49ers have found a new home for Alex Smith. It has been confirmed that a deal is all but finalized, but his destination is unknown. Teams cannot finalize a trade until March 12th when the season officially begins. But where is he going??

Alex Smith was the first overall pick in 2005 for the 49ers. He was always a fairly talented player, despite suffering from injuries. He had his strongest year in 2011 and seemed to be coming into his own. However, Colin Kaepernick replaced him in November while he was sitting out with a concussion. One of the reasons was that Smith lacked a deep threat and couldn’t scramble like Kaepernick. The switch-up shocked many in the sports world.

Smith had not ‘done’ anything to lose his starting role. It was expected that by next season he would be a starter again- just with a new team.

In his last game with the 49ers he completed 26 of his last 28 passes — including three touchdowns and zero interceptions in a win over Arizona on Oct. 29. He left the game with a concussion, but his numbers were good. He is only 28 and has thrown for 14, 280 yards with 81 touchdowns and 63 interceptions throughout his 80 career games.  In a NFL draft that is thin on quarterback talent these numbers, and Smith’s performance since 2011, make NFL team’s hungry.

The two teams that have made the most sense for Smith to go to are Kansas City and the Jaguars. Apparently, the Jaguars are no interested in acquiring Smith. They do not want to spend a lot of money in free agency despite the $22 million in cap space they have. So, that leaves us with Kansas City. The Chiefs are in desperate need of a new quarterback (among other things). Although they have the first overall pick there has not been a quarterback worthy of that pick in the draft.

Unless the 49ers are lying. If only one team is interested in Smith than not much of a deal can be struck. Especially considering that Andy Reid is now in KC. If you take a look at his past deals for Philly you know he will stone wall San Fran. If this is a tactic to wake up some other teams to create a little competition, than I say hats off to you San Fran. Screw with their heads!

I love football.