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3rd & 10: Why Roger Goodell Loves Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow is having a rough little life right now. You know, besides the fame and random love. The New York Jets released him, and no one seems to want him. Despite the petition that certain Jacksonville Jaguars fans set up-the petition that they attempted to get to the White House. What happens to Tebownow is a question that even Sylvia Browne may have issues answering.

One man is vouching for him though. Roger Goodell, the Oz of the NFL, had a statement about Tebow yesterday in an interview with Steve Wyche of the NFL Network. He said:

“Well, he’s a great young man. And I try to stay out of the decisions about who should be playing in the NFL and on what team. But as a young man, he’s just a super young guy, and I sure hope he’s part of the NFL going forward. He’s just a terrific young man and represents all of the values that I think all of our players do. I’m very proud of our players. I think, as a group, they’re extraordinary young men, and I love to see the things they’re doing in the community. They’re obviously great athletes on the field, but these are great young men, and Tim’s a good example of that.”

Will this mean anything for Tebow’s future? Also, why does Goodell necessarily care?

Well here’s the thing; Roger Goodell is a damn good businessman. His goal is to make his company, the NFL, money. It is not about making sure nice young men have spots on NFL teams. Roger Goodell is not a ‘let’s have a feel good story for the NFL today’ type of guy. If he opens his mouth on Tebow at all it is due to Tim’s value-not as a player, but as a moneymaker.

Tebow was never that quarterback that you would hand the reigns of your team over to. He is not a franchise quarterback whose talents lie in playing the game. Tebow’s talents lie in his ability to sell tickets and get sponsorships. He is America’s golden child due to his charming, small-town good looks and, well, virginity.  He makes up for his lack of talent with these intangibles and his work ethic. He is also a very spontaneous guy on the field that is exciting for the public to watch.

If Goodell vouches for Tebow it is because he knows that Tebow can make some team, and the NFL, more money. What happens to Tim now is based on whether any team managers, or owners, can look at the situation like businessmen.