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3rd and 10: MVP — Is the Debate Over?


Adrian Peterson had a hell of a game yesterday. He pretty much, singlehandedly, dragged the Vikings into the playoffs. Although Peterson did not beat the record, but people are saying that on Sunday he became the Most Valuable Player.

It’s been an interesting year for MVP. I’ve heard Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Those people are obviously biased. They’re great quarterbacks, but that isn’t enough to win this year. If we are looking at the NFL through objective eyes it comes down to two: Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson came back from a torn ACL. He has been the biggest, most important playmaker on the Vikings. He came within 9 yards of beating Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. He is now one of seven players in the history of the NFL to rush for more than 2000 yards in a single season. Each of these accomplishments are impressive; together they paint a picture of one of the most talented, driven players in the league. Except, well, Peyton has been just as impressive.

Peyton Manning came back from major neck surgery; four major neck surgeries. He was so injured he could not throw the ball to his wife- never mind down a field. He left a team that was well respected and an overall ‘winning’ team. The year that he left them they sunk to 2-14; which proved how valuable he was to the Colts. He has joined a new team and in his first season back he has clinched the playoffs. Albeit with a team that has more talent than the Vikings.

How do you chose which player is more deserving? Both players came back from major injury to winning seasons. Both players weren’t expected to play at their previous level. In fact, it was unknown if they would ever play again at all.

It usually comes down to who belongs to the team that wins. While both teams entered the playoffs today, the Vikings beat the Packers. This is a more impressive win than the Bronco’s beating out the Chiefs. This is going to tip the scale in Peterson’s favour at the moment. He also managed to win without Harvin, and with Ponder as his quarterback. However, at the end of the playoffs I doubt it will be the Vikings that are still standing. Winning has a funny way of wiping people’s memory of all that came before.

I think it’s time for a tie- Peterson and Peyton, Co-MVPs.