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AHL Hockey to Stay In Glen Falls


After months of waiting, hockey fans in Glen Falls can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The AHL announced on Monday that the Calgary Flames will be moving their franchised team from Abbotsford, B.C. to Glen Falls, N.Y., at the beginning of next season.

After the Adirondack Phantoms announced their relocation to Allentown, Pa., the fate of hockey in Glen Falls was unknown. Many fans expressed concern for losing the team in such a hockey loving town and for a while, there was little talk about another team moving in.

The Heat, who were just knocked out of Calder Cup contention this past Friday after dropping to the defending cup champion Grand Rapids Griffins, have spent the past five seasons in Abbotsford.

The Heat was the furthest western located team in the league. The majority of the AHL teams are all located on the east coast with the exception of Oklahoma City, Texas and San Antonio. This move will allow for more ideal travel situations and leave room for more practice time between games.

According to Darren Haynes, writer covering the Calgary Flames for The Canadian Press, the move makes sense from an attendance standpoint, too. The current average attendance in Abbotsford is 3,007 per game. The average attendance in Glen Falls this past year was 4,192.

It is still unclear if this will spike change in the divisional line-up for the league or if the Heat will see a name change but one thing is sure, the Glen Falls Civic Center will have hockey again.