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ALL THINGS AUSSIE: Sponsorship Ideas for Adam Scott


It’s official: Adam Scott is the first Australian to win a Masters.  About time!

While North American sports and athletes are overrun with sponsorship opportunities, Australians generally stay away from the glitz and glam  of athletic sponsorships.  Other than a few random ones for vitamins and the occasional fast food joint.  This is particularly fascinating because Aussies are a proud people- they LOVE to see their fellow countrymen do well.  The entire nation rejoiced when Cadel Evan won the Tour de France in 2011.  But did businesses take adavantage of it? NO.  Now that they’ve got Adam Scott… they need to.

Seiko – I don’t know what it is about watches an celebrities, but they always seem to have some foxy dude reppin’ their items… except Seiko.  And my word, do Aussies love their Seiko watches.  They have endless (uninteresting) ads in magazines that could be greatly aided by a familiar face. This will get them the big bucks.  Plus, it’s so easy to have a golfer wear a watch. Cake.

Drummond Golf – Does it even need a sponsorship explanation? (In case it does… he’s a golfer. Drummond Golf makes golf stuff.)

Adidas/Reebok/any athletic company that isn’t Nike – Nike has the monopoly on sports, no matter which way you slice it.  BUT Nikes are so expensive in Australia that not too many people have them.  This is where competition comes in.  If Adidas, Reebok, Saucony, or some other athletic (shoe) brand can come in and sponsor a popular athlete and get him to wear their shoes, they could probably dominate the Aussie market.  There are quite a few runners here – have you ever heard of bushwalking?!  Sponsor away!

Wahl or American CrewAdam Scott is a good lookin’ bloke.  But, lets face it, dude needs a hair cut… or at least a good style.  Do a before and after with him, and Aussie men will be banging down the doors to get at your product.  (PS – I know ‘American Crew’ sounds counterintuitive if you want to activate the Australian market… but trust me, it makes good sense).