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BABESDIGBOARDS: Work Hard. Play Harder.


If you’ve ever heard of Travis Pastrana, you probably know that he’s one of the coolest people to ever be involved in action sports.


If you have ever been around or had the chance to meet Travis Pastrana, you definitely know that he is one of the goofiest guys you could ever meet.

And if you’re like my mom, chances are good you probably just think that he’s a nut job.


Known for his “can do” attitude, Pastrana has definitely received a reputation as a daredevil. He is constantly pushing the limits in everything he does and always seems to have a thumbs up while doing it. He truly exemplifies the idea that, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  So what does an ex-motocross rider do with the world and a Redbull sponsorship at his disposal? He teams up with a ton of his friends and creates Nitro Circus and then travels around the world.

Since their brief stint on MTV, Nitro Circus has become a brand. Through merchandise, a movie, and a live tour, Pastrana and his buddies have made Nitro Circus probably the most popular all around action sports groups around.  (This is the work part of it.) With the current premier European tour selling out by the arena just coming to an end, a North American 2013 tour and plans to return back to Europe again in 2013, Nitro Circus Live is proving to be the most exciting action sports tour around these days.

Don’t feel too bad for the crew though, because when they are globetrotting on tour, they’re doing this:


And when they aren’t globetrotting on tour, they’re still globetrotting. But, they’re doing this:


The crew is hodgepodge of some of the best and next best action sports stars out there. One such Nitro Circus Live member Chad Kagy, who at freshly 34 years old, is proving that he still has it, by landing his first no-handed double backflip during the Nitro show in Berlin. Congrats Chad and Happy Belated Birthday!

Clearly, they are playing pretty hard. Don’t think that the tour is just to entertain either, but it also acts as a way for these action sport athletes to get out and coming up with some crazy tricks that you could see at X-Games or on the Dew Tour. So go out and catch Travis Pastrana and the homies! They may be coming to a city near you someday!

And next week, get ready for the BabesDigBoards’ preview of the upcoming Winter Dew Tour stop in Breckenridge, Colorado! Who will win on Snowboard Men’s Pipe? What stunt will Mark McMorris do in this years Snowboard Men’s Big Air? And you can’t forget about Women’s Snowboard Pipe! It is always such a close race. Will Kelly Clark repeat? Or will Gretchen Bleiler and the other ladies prevail??  Stay Tuned!

(Photo Credit: Screen Cap)