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BDB Music Mix

BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Baseball Movie Songs

There’s definitely no shortage of baseball movies. None what so ever. In fact, maybe movie producers should ease up on the whole baseball story line. Just kidding, keep ‘em coming. Anyway, by extension, there’s no shortag...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Songs for the Home Run Derby

It’s safe to say Yoenis Cespedes blew everyone’s hats off in the 2013 Home Run Derby. 32 homers alone is an impressive number, never mind that before that night he was barely a blip on the MLB radar screen. In fact, let’s...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Singing Sports Teams

BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Singing Sports Teams Two weeks ago we brought you the BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Songs About Teamwork, and last week we serenaded you with the Top 5 Athletes turned Musicians playlist. Well, consider this list a ...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Athletes Turned Musicians

Throughout celebrity history, there has been a long line of actors and actresses who shouldn’t have picked up the microphone. Lindsay Lohan. Just the same, the list of singers who shouldn’t have taken to the screen ...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Songs About Teamwork

Baseball, hockey, basketball, curling, bobsledding, football, soccer – all of these sports take hard work, skill, determination, and most importantly, teamwork. Over here at BDB we’re big fans of teamwork. There is ...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Walk-Out Songs in the AL West

We’re well into the baseball season now and over here at BDB we’ve been working our way through the walk-out music line up. Batting at the top of the order we have the heavy hitter from the Houston Astros, followed ...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 Songs to Make Tomas Vokoun Cry

It has got to be hard to be any of the Pittsburgh Penguins right now, but we can’t help but feel like Tomas Vokoun is really taking an emotional beating. Seriously, the Bruins netted 11 goals in four games against the Pen...

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 9.01.30 PM

BDB Music Mix: Top 5 NL East Walk-Out Songs

We’re making our way east in the National League with our favourite walk out songs. We’re pretty sure you know the drill by now, so we won’t waste our breath. But before we leave you to the music, all we have to ask these...

Catchers Mitt

Top 10 Baseball Bloopers of 2013, Thus Far

Top 10 Baseball Bloopers of 2013, Thus far It’s only May, yet there have already been plenty of mishaps, oddities, and downright ridiculous things happening at a field near you. #10 Splash Zone Close Call – If you’ve ...


BDB Music Mix: Top 5 NL Central Walk Out Songs

So we are right in this hot mess we like to call baseball season. Things are totally heating up, and that means the walk out songs are even more important. We’ve already surveyed the NL West and the AL East, so we figured we...

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