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Race Day Etiquette and Traditions: What Are the Rules for Race Day in Australia?

Race Day Etiquette and Traditions: What Are the Rules for Race Day in Australia? With hundreds of years of tradition, Australian horse racing has fostered countless national and local customs and rules for etiquette. Horse raci...

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ALL THINGS AUSSIE: Players Who’ve Damaged The AFL’s Reputation

Every sport has them – those guys that make the sport look bad even though their club and league had nothing to do with their actions.  Usually this involves guys having too many drinks and breaking a window, or someone ...


ALL THINGS AUSSIE: Things That Could Go Wrong With MLB’s Opening Series

If you are a baseball fan, or an Australian, and you haven’t heard this news then I don’t know where you have been for the last week.  Because this is big news. Aussies aren’t the first people who come to min...


ALL THINGS AUSSIE: Racism in AFL Stops With Adam Goodes

I know that I normally give you something funny or sarcastic in this column… but this matter should be addressed.  Not only because something unfortunate happened, but because it was handled near perfectly. The AFL has b...


ALL THINGS AUSSIE: Foxiest AFL Commentators

As glorious as sports are, sometimes I can’t help thinking that the commentators have more fun.  After all, they get to sit in a temperature-controlled environment and criticize/compliment players while wearing suits an...

Elyse Taylor


Nothing gets me going like a good-lookin’ couple (Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy? A fan myself).  And let me tell you, there are way too many sexy single footballers here in Aus.  Don’t worry, though. I have alread...


ALL THINGS AUSSIE: The Battle of the Mullets

Hair in the AFL is less of an accessory and more of a statement.  From the dreads that Scott Pendlebury (thankfully) cut off to the ‘is-that-a-mohawk‘ on Dustin Martin, AFL players just can’t seem to separate...



Get this one. For the first time – ever – the AFL is holding a regular season game internationally. It’s a pretty big deal. This Thursday is ANZAC Day, which stands for Australia-New Zealand Army Corp and reco...


ALL THINGS AUSSIE: Sponsorship Ideas for Adam Scott

It’s official: Adam Scott is the first Australian to win a Masters.  About time! While North American sports and athletes are overrun with sponsorship opportunities, Australians generally stay away from the glitz and gla...

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ALL THINGS AUSSIE: 5 Sports That Inspired AFL

I write about AFL a LOT. And why wouldn’t I? This is an Australian themed column and AFL is the most popular Australian sport in terms of viewers, membership, attendance, sponsorship… and everything else.  But afte...

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