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Extreme Sports Blog, Babes Dig Boards: The Catch-Up


Just because summer is over does not mean that there is a shortage of activity in the action sports world.

Having eluded him for 20 years, Kelly Slater was finally able to add another win in France to his impressive list of accolades. The 11-time ASP World Champion was chaired for the 51st time in celebration of his tour victory. Although facing what may be the world’s best free surfer in Dane Reynolds, Slater was able to score two quality waves early, which clinched him the victory.

From the water to the skatepark we go…

When you think of New York City a slew of new sights and things come to mind, like grabbing a slice of the city’s infamous pizza pie.  Unless you are a skateboarder that sees endless potential in the streets of the city, chances are good your skateboard is not in your to-do list when visiting the Big Apple. However as the skaters descended upon the Chelsea Piers Skatepark for the Vans Bowl-A-Rama, it is hoped that the city’s skate scene will be revamped. With names like Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain and Pedro Barros, among other greats, filling the bowl, it’s no wonder why the event was such a success. It was a great day for skateboarding and NYC for sure.

PRO Results:
1- Pedro Barros
2- Alex Sorgente
3- Ben Hatchell

MASTERS Results:
1- Lance Mountain
2- Steve Caballero
3- Eddie Elguera

While the skateboarders were busy shredding in the concrete jungle, the BMXers took to the beach…

Having had Rebeljam indoor last year, the creators thought it was time to hit the outdoors again. What better place to have a contest than near the beach in Spain? Composed of all four disciplines with a park, street setup, flatland area and dirt contest, Rebeljam was truly the party to be at! Check out the sweet edit that Vans put together of the contest:

VANS Rebeljam 2012 Spain from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

And in other news…
– Levi Sherwood felt the sweet taste of victory in the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour after a flawless final run.

– Tanner Foust clinched his first win of the Global RallyCross at the Discount Tire Cup at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.