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FIGHT NIGHT: Top 10 Highest Paid UFC Fighters of 2013!

Posted September 16, 2013 by Kelly Gresser in Articles
wanderlei silva from @ufc

Ever wondered what is pays getting punched in the face in the UFC?  Well if you’re at the top of the sport you could be banking what these top ten guys do. Of course, these are only the reported salaries and bonuses for 2013. Other contractial bonuses, pay-per-view cuts and sponsorship money isn’t counted; and I’m not magical so I don’t know those figures.  If you needed inspiration to hit the gym, besides personal satisfaction, check out the list below.

With all those disclaimers out of the way, here are the top 10 highest earning fighters so far in 2013.

10. Cain Velasquez $400,000


cain velasquez

This heavyweight was last in the ring for UFC 160. He went up against Antonio Silva and won by TKO in the first round. With a 12-1 record(10 by TKO or KO) what else did you expect?

9. Mark Hunt $420,000

hunt vs. struve @ufc

mark hunt

Mark Hunt has fought twice this year in the heavyweight devision. Along the way he’s raked up quite a tidy payday, and shattered Stefan Struve’s jaw.

8. Frankie Edgar $460,000


This high school wrestler has gone to have an impressive 16-4 record in the UFC. After his win over Charles Oliveira at UFC 162 we’re sure they were fist pumping in Jersey.

7. Dan Henderson $500,000


Hendo’s never been KOed in a pro fight.

6. Jose Aldo $530,000



He’s undefeated in the UFC and not hurting for cash either!

5. Alistair Overeem $571,428


alistair overeem

Despite being knocked out in both his fights this year,Dana White assured fans this Strikeforce champ will fight again the the UFC.

4. Anderson Silva $600,000


Silva’s 16 fight win streak ended at the hands of Chris Weidman, in what has been the most unusual fight of the year.

3. Vitor Belfort $650,000

vitor belfort

After winning two main event fights this year, Vitor lands at number 3 on our list.

2. Michael Bisping $700,00


After loosing to Vitor Belfort, Michael is again on a win streak after defeating Alan Belcher in April.

1. Rashad Evans $785,000


Since winning The Ultimate Fighter 2 has dominated in the octagon and become a frequent commentator on ESPN and UFC Tonight.


(Photo Credit: YouTube)

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