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FL BLOG, 3rd AND 10: The Giants Ruined Everyone’s Pro-line Yesterday


Oh, the Giants. They are the strangest team. They have this habit of playing at the level of the team they are playing against, and therefore trick bettors every week. First it was that ugly loss to Philly, then the Steelers, and now the Bengals.

Yes, you read that right. The Bengals, who everyone thought would be a breeze for the defending Super Bowl champions, dusted the floor with the Giants.

The Giants did that thing again, and lost 31-13.  Andy Dalton threw 4 touchdowns. He had a career high game.

There really wasn’t much of a shining point in this matchup for the Giants. Eli Manning has lost his fourth quarter clutch powers. He threw two interceptions, threw bad passes and had a dropped touchdown pass. He accomplished a measly 125 yards- his worst in 4 years.

Is it time for Giants fans to panic?

Not quite. The Giants are going into a bye week. They have time to work on their issues. Sports fans must also remember that this is what the Giants do. They start with roughly 6 wins, lose four in a row and then transform into a super team and make the playoffs. They suffer from mid-season suckage. I know that’s not a word; but it should be for the Giants. In the nine seasons that Coughlin has been their coach they have suffered from this sickness. Their second half record has never matched their first season record.

So, Giants fans, don’t panic. If you’re a seasoned fan you know the Giants are suffering from their own special version of the flu. If you aren’t fan and just want your Pro-line to look less shabby remember; they will lose a couple more.

However, bet that they’ll be in the playoffs. Those two Super Bowl rings in 5 seasons are great reminders of how exactly the Giants finish.