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GOSSIP CORNER: 50 Cent/Erin Andrews “(Don’t) Kiss And Tell” Through Video?

Posted February 25, 2013 by ValerieBevilacqua in Gossip Corner
TMZ reports that Erin Andrews found herself in a sticky situation at the Daytona 500 yesterday when she ran into 50 Cent … and then avoided his unexpected pickup for a kiss.

Andrews was doing her job at the event for FOX and was concentrating on landing an interview with Danica Patrick. She couldn’t find Patrick, but somehow crossed paths with 50  … who leaned in for a kiss. Andrews then subtly rejected 50 Cent’s advances by edging her head to the side, so the kiss could be prevented.

But, that didn’t stop 50. Andrews tried to do her own thing – by herself – and resumed her search for Patrick. Yet, 50 persisted and followed Patrick along the way. As soon as Andrews gave up on her seek for Patrick and realized 50 Cent was still there with her, she made note of 50 Cent’s presence to the audience and then directed the show back to the hosts.

Gee, some guys just can’t take a hint! 50, you should know better!

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(Photo courtesy: Looks like 50 Cent retweeted a picture of being caught in the act: of checking out Erin Andrews’ bum. Shout out to @50cent on Twitter!)

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