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GOSSIP CORNER: Danica Patrick Refuses To Pose For Body Issue … For Now


ESPN’s Body Issue has hit the shelves and everyone is talking about the athletes who agreed to be photographed sans clothes for the magazine.
The Body Issue differs from other nude magazine formats in that the issue truly focuses or highlights the amazing bodies that professional athletes have groomed since childhood. However, one of the sporting world’s most sought after babes for Indy racer turned NASCAR racer Danica Patrick has refused year after year to pose for the issue.

But according to a Yahoo Sports article, the possibility is not out of the question.
Patrick is quoted saying, “I’m not saying there will never be a day,” she said. “When I speak to them and they ask me each time I say, ‘Don’t stop asking. I don’t know. I might change my mind one year. And it might be something that parallels something else I’m doing, or where I’m at, or how I’m feeling.’ But just not right now.”

Patrick said she feels comfortable posing in a swimsuit and already does promotional work that would be considered risqué’, so she feels no need to take it beyond that level.

I have to say I respect that decision. Granted posing for the Body Issue isn’t quite like posing for Playboy, but it is a bold move that she doesn’t feel is necessary for her career, at least for now. Now would the male populous love to see Patrick bare it all while laid across her car? I’m sure they would. But she knows if she doesn’t, it’s not going to keep them from watching the races.

Do you think it’s a good or bad career move to pose for the Body Issue?