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Gossip Corner: Former NFL-er Says Vince Wilfork Has The “Ugliest Spouse”


Calling out another meanie…

According to TerezOwens, Ex-New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, decided to air his take on a certain wife on the radio. Johnson (not-so-subtly) implied that Vince Wilfork’s wife was (in his opinion) the “ugliest spouse” in the game.

Johnson offered clues to the athlete’s and his wife’s identities, saying “this guy had his way with the Texans this year” and his wife “looks like a great guy, uh, girl,” reports TerezOwens.com.

To Johnson, Wilfork’s wife may not be the fairest one of them all – on the land, er, field. However, Wilfork sees the beauty in his wife perfectly and wasn’t afraid to show it.

Public affection is the best form of Wilfork’s flattery, even if it was communicated in a profane way that focused more on how things didn’t go over to well with Mr. Wilfork himself. While you’re checking out that link, take note on how Wilfork defends his entire family (including his wife) and vows a declaration of his love for the whole world to see. Now, that’s a real man.

Photo courtesy of Vince Wilfork’s Twitter. Setting a positive example as someone who values and possesses inner beauty. Ted Johnson may still need to learn that at the very least.