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GOSSIP CORNER: MMA World Saddened By Zingano’s Passing


Tuesday the MMA world was rocked with the confirmation of the passing of Mauricio Zingano, former Gracie National Jiu-Jitsu Champion and husband of UFC bantamweight Cat, in Denver, CO.

Mauricio was a MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach at Team Zingano—Black House MMA in Colorado according to their facebook page. He also coached Cat, who has won eight straight fights, making her the UFC’s number 1 contender in the women’s bantamweight division.

Cat issued a statement through MMAWeekly.com

Late yesterday evening, I learned that my husband and soul mate of seven years, Mauricio Zingano, has passed away.

My life has changed irrevocably. I am shocked and deeply saddened. Thankfully, my family and friends are coming together to provide the support I need. I am grateful for them, as I know there are many difficult days ahead. 

I also very much appreciate the outpour of support from the jiu-jitsu and mixed martial artsworld. My husband was well known and respected in this close-knit community and I know he would appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers, as do I. 

At this time, I respectfully ask everyone to give me privacy as I gather with relatives and friends. Again, I give thanks to all for the kind words and support.

Cat Zingano


At the time of his death Mauricio was 37. He is survived by Cat and their six-year-old son, Braden.

According to SporTV.com editor Marcelo Russio:

We, at Babesdigballs.com, offer our sincere condolences to Mauricio’s family and friends at this tragic time.