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HEALTH NEWS: Getting Back To The PGA Tour For Davis Love III

Posted February 25, 2013 by Sabrina Bridges in Articles
On February 8, 2013; Davis Love III tweeted “Here we go!” posting a picture of his view from the gurney as he was wheeled in to surgery.  After experiencing numbness and loss of strength that was limiting his ability to play in the PGA TOUR competitive golf, Love III made the decision to undergo spinal surgery. The procedure included removal of bone spurs and spinal fusion. The surgery was similar to that undertaken by Peyton Manning last year to remedy nerve compression in his throwing arm. In response to an article comparing the two surgeries Davis tweeted “And nobody is going to sack me!”

Spinal Bone spurs are also known as Osteophytes. They are generally a sign of spinal degeneration and are common in patients over the age of 60. However they can also develop from increased stress from repetitive pull on the vertebrae. As an area of the vertebrae is continuously put under stress by the strain of attached muscles anchored by tendons, new bone is laid down. Chronically, this can lead to the overproduction of bone creating bone spurs. The spurs become spikes that impinge movement and cause pain and discomfort. Nerve damage may also result if the bone spur grows inward on the spinal chord.

Anterior spinal fusion can help protect the spinal chord from compression. It alleviates nerve damage and protects the discs that separate vertebrae in the spine by creating increased space. Discs can become dehydrated and loose their cushion secondary to age, stress and dehydration. Disc health is important to overall spinal health. Once, space is created for the nerves pain, numbness and weakness are alleviated.

Rehabilitation starts in 24 hours. Davis Love III will undergo 6-8 weeks of rehabilitation slowly progressing with his strength training and time on the links. Twelve days after surgery he was able to progress to chipping practice and is now tweeting about using clubs.  He should make a full recovery and be back on the links by the end of spring.


(Photo Credit: Be sure to sauce @lov3d for use of the Twitter photos!)

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