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Heats & Wizards & Hornets! Oh My!


Chalmers, Heat on Fire

Mario Chalmers, point guard for the Miami Heat scored 10-3pointers in one game, which is the most this season in the NBA. He even tied a 20-year-old Heat franchise record. His reward? Being put into a headlock by teammate Lebron James, having a towel thrown at him by Dwayne Wade, and coaches yelling at him. This happened the night if the Heat v Kings game. If scoring 10-three’s wasn’t enough, he also had his career high in points, hitting 34. The team won 128-99, the highest point accumulated since winning the Championship last year.


Wall back in Washington

 Wall, former no.1 pick is back from injuries. He was diagnosed with a stress injury in his left knee-cap. The young franchise player, who plays guard for the Washington Wizards, was only suppose to be out two months, that was in September. His season debut was against the hawks, he played off the bench scoring 14 points, and playing 21 minutes. Pretty good for the first day back. Washington had a pretty rough start to the season, 5-28. Losng their first 11 games in a row. They kept losing longer, than Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian were married for. With John Wall, the Washington Wizards are 1-0.. Keep it up boys, your only in last place.


Is it the Hornets or the Pelicans?

 Tom Benson is the talented man behind the New Orleans – well, basketball team. In Decemeber he filed trademarks for 5 possible new names. Clearly, he’s a smart man, but picking team names is clearly not one of his strengths. If you catch the Babes Dig Balls radio show, you would have heard my rant about New Orleans Pelicans.