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LAWS ON THE COURT: 2013 NBA Playoff Edition, Referees


The referees in the 2013 NBA playoffs have been awful. (Hmmm, I guess we know what the NFL felt like in the beginning of the season…) They can’t even call a charge, when it’s clearly a charge. What’s going on? I’m going to break it down for you.

The refs aren’t the ones calling the games, it’s the players.


Miami Heat is known by the refereeing world, as those who don’t get fouls called on them, unless they’re flagrant — and even then they barely call them. It’s like Lebron James has the refs wrapped around his little finger (seriously, he might!) Now, imagine being the Chicago Bulls for a second. Half of their roster is on the DL. While the other half gets gets called for imaginary fouls, because (of course) they happen to be guarding James, Wade, or Bosh.

Now, I hear in the news that both a Bulls player, and the coach complained to the media about the reffing (heck, I would consider it, too!) Well, it looks like Stu Jackson, didn’t like that very much, and will probably have something to do with the Miami Heat winning entire series.  Those fines are garbage; it’s the playoffs! Get a grip Stu, and actually focus on what’s actually going on. The Bulls are onto something — something that you don’t want anyone else finding out.

There have been sources “close” to Derrick Rose that say he is coming back against the Heat. But don’t be stupid, he won’t be coming back until next year. Why would he waste his energy fighting against refs?! The refs don’t care about the Bulls, they haven’t since the Michael Jordan era.