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LAWS ON THE COURT, College Edition: Fan Fashion


We’re back with another college edition of LAWS ON THE COURT and today, we’re talking fan fashion! I had the luxury of going to Penn Relays last weekend … for those of you who don’t know, it’s the world’s largest and oldest track meet. And in my opinion, it is one of the greatest sporting events one can attend in their lifetime. The main reason for that is not just the high caliber of races (the top-billed competition is a series of races called “USA vs. the World” – yup, it’s as awesome as it sounds) … but it’s not just the talent on the track – it’s the FANS that make Penn Relays the awesome experience it is. And while I am not Jamaican, on the Saturday at Penn Relays, I wish I was! Imagine 45,000 fans screaming for a 38 second race … okay, got that picture? Now imagine 25,000 of them dressed to the nines in their best black, green and yellow!  It got me thinking about fan fashion at sporting events and what our options as the fans are – and perhaps what we could learn from the fans who come in droves to Penn Relays each year!

PENN RELAYS: USA vs. the World (Quick Lesson):

Courtesy of Georgetown Sports Information

Courtesy of Georgetown Sports Information


The most basic in fan fashion tube top, fan fashion– a t-shirt that supports your team. This is probably the most popular form of fan fashion among all sports and almost the primary form of fan fashion in college basketball. You’ll find an occasional jersey here and there amidst a student-section but typically they are clad in something that simply has the school name or more typically, that year’s student-section t-shirt. Check the Georgetown student section in the sea of gray that they become as they all rock the signature “We Are Georgetown” t-shirt (known as a WAG shirt) seen above.

How to make it “sexy”:
I think female sports fans are already hot, so rocking a team’s tee should really be all it takes. But, sometimes the t-shirt is a little looser than desired. The quick fix is to tie the shirt in the back with a rubberband or hair tie so it pulls and hugs in all the right places. The other is a favorite of mine from college: cut panels out of the side and then lace up the shirt on the side using those shreds. Check out the Brazilian fan TOTALLY working it with this fan-favorite styling.


As you move your way into professional sports, you’re more likely to see jerseys. And of course, the hybrid of the jersey and the t-shirt, the t-shirt jersey – typically something that is baseball-specific. Personally, I’ll take a t-shirt jersey over the official jersey any day – way more comfy. Love that breathable cotton! But, that’s not to deny the awesomeness of having a closet full of official jerseys. Uni-swag is nothing to be ashamed of – in fact, it’s a bragging point in my book.

How to make it “sexy”:
I mean, it’s a jersey. It’s already sexy. But, leave it to marketing geniuses to try to do us a solid and skip to the step that I never thought I’d see until I saw it. The jersey dress. Apparently Bleacher Report thinks it’s awesome (or at least No. 18 of the 25 Sexiest Looks in Sports) – I’m not convinced yet.



Sure, we call it a baseball cap, but you know that the hat goes across all sports, leagues and at times, it is not even an indication of someone’s fandom, but a status symbol! Case in point, I’m a Yankees fan – but there are PLENTY of people rocking that interlocked NY on their head who couldn’t tell you what number Derek Jeter is or what position he plays (or will play again soon, please baseball gods?!?!) Not trying to call anyone out because I truly don’t mind that it’s a status symbol to be a Yankees fan. Well, maybe not this year. Apparently this year in DC, it’s cool to be a Washington Nationals fan or Baltimore Orioles fan. That’s a statement that has been said … well, never.

How to make it “sexy”:
For the men and the women – just make sure it’s fitted correctly. Men – this babely blogger loves a worn in hat that shows me you’ve been a fan for a while. I don’t dig the pristine look, but I’m just one girl – maybe we can get an #AskTheFans going on this one. Ladies – there are really no tips, we just look good rocking a team’s hat, ’nuff said.



So, here’s what I’m going to pass along from the fans at Penn Relays. Yes, you’re at a sporting event – but you may be somewhere else soon after. You don’t have to look like you were at a sporting event. Some guys were dressed to the nines, dress shoes and button down shirts and linen suits. NO JOKE! And you know what, it was pretty hot!  I saw women in heels that I couldn’t even rock at the club, let alone at a track meet. But you know what? They looked good and I can’t deny it! At the end of the day as I left Penn Relays (with 45,000 of my closest friends) – it wasn’t a jersey, a t-shirt or a hat that told me these people were Jamaica fans – it was THEM! Support your team by just being the awesome fan you are! People will know!