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LAWS ON THE COURT: Lebron James Has Made It & Much More!

Posted January 30, 2013 by Hope Laws in Featured Blogs

Oh, Lebron!

Lebron James and the Miami Heat were welcomed by President Obama at the White House this week, to congratulate the Heat on their impressive championship title. Unlike Dwyane Wade, who kept his cool the entire time, Lebron James embarrassed himself (embarrassed isn’t even the right word. The dude had a serious case of verbal diarrhea!)  Obama was more than happy to share the microphone with the impressive talent of King James, mildly joking that he had something to do with the championship win.

“Some of you recall a little pickup game we had here a few years ago, and it’s clear that going up against me prepared them for going up against Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook.”

Watch the clip, it’s pretty funny – I laughed at Obama’s jab… “You could use a shooter”

Rajon Rondo, Season-Ending Surgery

Have you seen a Celtic fan this week? Be easy on them, they just lost their season. Rajon Rondo, is out with a torn ACL (ouch!) and, let’s face it, it’s the end for the Celtics. Rajon was really the only thing keeping that team together. Don’t get me wrong, Garnett is still a great player – I’m terrified of the guy. Paul Pierce who was shafted this year out of the All-Star Game, is still an excellent player, but he’s aging (to put it lightly!), and not performing as well as he use to. And, well — they no longer have Ray Allen. They are currently in 8th place, with a 21-23 record. I see a Celtics free playoff this year – though I hope I’m wrong and they can prevail through it.

Iverson, pulling a MJ23?

So, Iverson has been offered a D-League start back to the NBA. If you don’t remember Iverson, which isn’t hard – he’s the one that thinks practice doesn’t make one perfect. He also rejected the offer, saying D-League wasn’t for him. For a retired basketball player, who is now 37, I would take anything given to me. He’s not that great of a player and I don’t think he’ll be seeing court-time any season soon — unless he’s sitting courtside.

Raptors Trade Rumors

Now, if you haven’t been keeping up with rumors, Rudy Gay may become a Raptor in a short time. The only thing wrong with this trade, we would have to say good-bye to front man, Jose Calderon and Ed Davis. Calderon is the face of the Raptors now and Primo Pasta, aka Andrea Bargnarni, is not tradable for Rudy Gay (damn it! Dare I say that I’m sure he was one of the first to be put on the chopping block!) The other team making a play for Gay is the Celtics.

The New Orleans Pelicans

It’s official, they are no longer the fierce Hornets. No, it’s the intimidating Pelicans. I’m so scared, I’m shaking in my boots. In case you didn’t hear, earlier this week, Hornets’ Tom Benson, released the new logo — or it was leaked. It’s not as stupid as I thought it may look, whoever the artist was, I definitely give them props.


(Photo Credit:, Youtube, @KingJames (Lebron James))

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