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LAWS ON THE COURT, NBA Edition: 5 Things That Will Make You Laugh


Well, it is quite possible that the NBA was concerned that they weren’t entertaining enough, so they decided to make you laugh. ALL. WEEK. LONG. So, without further ado, let’s look at 5 things that will make you laugh, courtesy of the NBA!

Things That Will Make You Laugh:

Jason Kidd is a Head Coach

That’s right, the Nets will announce Jason Kidd as the new head coach on Thursday in a press conference at Barclays Center at 2 p.m. ET. In all seriousness, I wish the man the best. But he went from former standout point guard to head coach in a meteoric rise to fame. And while the ESPN story that released this information states that he “drew up plays and showed he had command of what he wanted to do on offense,” as well as displayed, “good knowledge of the personnel, and explained his philosophy.” That’s all well and good but most people have to display their chops as an assistant for a few years at least.

That being said, we here at Babes Dig Balls wish Jason Kidd all the best. Seriously, we do … because we think he may need all the help he can get. Being a first-year head coach is hard enough. Being a first-year head coach is even harder when you have zero coaching experience.

Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets, NBA Edition

So, with the NBA Finals on ABC and not TNT, the crew isn’t nearly as hilarious. Sorry, Wilbon, Magic, Jalen and Simmons – but the four of you combined have nothing on Sir Charles. To make up for the lack of hilarity, Jimmy Kimmel is getting a game night show prior to tip on the weekend games. And his segment Mean Tweets (where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves) is already a hit – but the NBA edition is hilarious. And the Rondo one may be my favorite because he has the greatest facial expression after!

Mario and Boshi

Have to give the props to babely writer and creator of LAWS ON THE COURT  for enlightening me on this awesomeness. To be fair, the memes that I found have been around for quite some time. Apparently I am not the only one out there who is not a huge fan of the Heat, but I’ve always tried to stay civil with my feelings and hold them in. Why was I doing that when it’s more fun to wear the disdain on the outside?!?!?

The Big Four

I know you may be saying, “Diana, it’s the big three.” Don’t worry, I get it. I know the NBA is trying to push the “Big 3″ for every team out there, even ones that play like true teams and don’t rely on three but the five on the court at the moment. However, some non-Heat fans decided this was a better indication of how the Heat are trying to win the NBA Championships.

Make You Laugh - MEME - Miami Heat

Screen Capture: Flickr / 223ent

When Fans Are Funny

Do I like it when a fan is yelling obscenities at professional athletes and gesturing in ways that would suggest they were not fans? No, of course not. And those fans tend to get called out on the internet. But, I’m going to give props to the fans in San Antonio who used the Heat’s beloved “Seven Nation Army” against them. And here’s why: Seven Nation Army cannot be EVERYONE’s song. And right now, it’s feeling that way. So, yes, thank you Spurs fans for using it for something other than the pump up song that everyone claims was theirs first!