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LAWS ON THE COURT: NBA Edition, Dethroned.


Last week I wasn’t able to write about the Miami Heat being dethroned. It was heartbreaking, I wanted to finally see Lebron James cry, like I watched Sidney Crosby cry when they were swept by the Bruins (hockey joke, bare with me). Instead I got to see some flopping, and some great work by the Heat. I also got to watch the Pacers stand there like a bunch of deer in the headlights. Not a game 7 finale I would have liked to watch.

Now, we have the Spurs and the Heat in this explosive final match up. Everyone kept telling me that the Heat were just too good, and they would sweep the Spurs. Didn’t look like that to me in the first game, but the second game the Heat finally showed up.

What’s in store for this NBA finals Championship? I can’t really comment on the for-seen future, as I’m not a psychic, though I do believe the Spurs will come back and win it in 6 games. But don’t take my word for it.

I know I’m a little late in congratulating two players on retirement, but I will anyways. Jason Kidd, didn’t really like him as a basketball player, and I didn’t think he would last as long as he did. I see coaching in Kidd’s future. He’s a much more valuable asset on the bench then he is on the floor. Congratulations to Jason Kidd, you exceeded my predictions, and luckily you won yourself a championship ring with the Mavs, because you can only go so far, piggy backing on Carmelo Anthony’s talent.

Grant Hill, sad to see this player leave the NBA. I grew up watching him play and I will definitely miss him. All around classy guy, great defensively, offensively, and a great interviewee (is that even a word?)


So what else is new in the NBA world?