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LAWS ON THE COURT: NBA Edition, Greatest Athlete Ever


Earlier this week, I had been getting some Twitter messages, Facebook messages and even texts from friends of mine asking me my opinion of the greatest athlete ever. Why anyone would ask me this question is just absurd in my mind and how do I justify who the greatest athlete in the world is — let alone ever.

A few names came up when I was trying to debate that, in which would be in my top 3. I was definitely have a hard time, seeing as how most of the athletes these days aren’t at all like the athletes in the past. You could get red in the face arguing that Lebron James it would be between Lebron James (Miami Heat) or Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls). Unfortunately, those two didn’t play in the same era, so you can’t compare them. As much as you think you can, you can’t.

Lebron James

greatest athlete ever

He has surpassed how I thought of him when he came into the NBA. He’s a great player, strong, fast, and talented. But can you really say that he’s the greatest athlete of all time? I mean look at how many different sports there are in the world now. Do you think he could potentially beat Michael Phelps in a 200m Butterfly Race? Or beat Bruce Jenner in a decathlon? Exactly. In his fame and glory though, he has managed to win MVP two years in a row, with four in total, winning a championship with the Miami Heat last year, and most likely again this year. Great player, and he will most likely grow into the greatest NBA athlete in this era. The Lebron James era, sorry the “King James” era.


Michael Jordan

Now let’s see, oh yes Michael Jordan. Everyone knows the history of Michael Jordan (because you’re all awesome and read my blog), but can you really compare Lebron James to him? Of course you can, he’s not the next Michael Jordan necessarily, but he is only twenty eight years old, and has at least 15 more years in the league. Jordan has played a few different sports in his lengthy career, quitting basketball to be a baseball player. It didn’t work out for him, quite as well as basketball, but he still managed to sign with a minor league team also owned by the Bulls, and batted .202 with three home runs, 51 RBI’s, and 30 stolen bases. Pretty good for a basketball player, whoops, nope, baseball player.


Kobe Bryant


Then you get Kobe Bryant, I won’t really get into his career too much, mainly because it’s always changing. He ended up with two milestones this year, about 1.5 months between each. He has won one MVP award, should have won this year, as he had really nothing to work with, and LJ has a star-studded team. Besides the point Kobe has won 5 finals, and played against the great one.


Who is the Greatest Athlete Ever?

In my opinion, which is mine, and only mine, I would never say Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete of all time. There are way to many sports that he wouldn’t be able to exceed and excel in. But, greatest NBA Player of all time, I’d give him my vote.