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LAWS ON THE COURT: NBA Edition, #TankNation


It seems to me every time I look at twitter during an NBA game, I see #tanknation. Well, I’m not sure if anyone realizes what they are actually promoting when they say such a thing about a team. Tanking isn’t the answer, nor is it the way to go. Tanking is an unjustified way of playing a sport. You may see it when you watch singles tennis matches, the players say “I’ll take the first set, you take the second, and we’ll play hard for the third”. You won’t see a professional team sport try to lose a game. It’s just not what a team does.

I’ve found that a lot of people don’t actually realize it’s not worth tanking an entire season. Sure, you’ve seen the big trades that have come out lately, Raptors trading Rudy Gay,  and now trying to trade Kyle Lowry.  It doesn’t mean they will try to lose every single game they play. It’s unorthodox, to say the least.

I asked a few fans of @BabesDigBalls, what teams they thought were in tanking, the results kind of surprised me, here’s a few to take a gander at:


As an avid fan of the NBA, I don’t believe teams actually tank; it’s not a mindset that team sports have, or even more, professional athletes have. If you went up to let’s say… Amir Johnson, and asked “Would you tank, on the premise that you might receive a lottery pick, to potentially get the acclaimed Andrew Wiggins?” Do you know what his answer would be? “Get the bleeeeeep out of here” or he might just give you the Raptor Glare, and walk away from you. So I asked (cause I’m curious like that…)

So since you’re probably wondering which teams are in the subject of #TankNation here’s the ten teams, everyone wants to think are dumping their season. Records as of December 16, 2013

  1. The Toronto Raptors (9-13)
  2. Orlando Magic (7-17)
  3. Utah Jazz (6-20)
  4. Charlotte Bobcats (10-14)
  5. Milwaukee Bucks (5-19)
  6. Chicago Bulls (9-13)
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers (9-14)
  8. Phoenix Suns (14-9)
  9. Philadelphia 76ers (7-18)
  10.  Sacramento Kings (7-15)

Alright, so it may actually look like a few of those teams are “tanking” but I doubt it. Some teams just don’t have good luck. The Raptors for instance, have won 3 of their 4 last games since trading Rudy Gay.  You know who isn’t on that list? The Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks, and more than 5 of those teams on the “#TankNation list” have a better record.  This list is a joke, a very funny joke.  I’m not laughing.


The Draft Lottery 101

I’m not sure if people actually understand how a draft lottery works, so here’s the 101, the Down Low.

The draft lottery takes the worst 14 teams in the NBA, they then order them beginning with the most horrible record, to the not-so-great but not-so-bad record. This process all reflects the team’s odds in winning the first pick, the worst team has a 25% chance. The lottery isn’t so bad though, because it prevents teams who are start to “tank” aka lose at the end of the season, to try and get the most sought after draft.

Enough with the big talk right?

Well, tanking isn’t as useful as one would think. It isn’t effective with this system, and it’s actually illegal. In a way, tanking is like fixing a game. Sure you aren’t getting money in a sense, but you’ll get a high draft pick, in this logic.

It’s. The. Same. Damn. Thing.
Would you tank for the 25% chance?

Andrew Wiggins? Or Jabari Parker?



Guess who can’t even fathom tanking?

It’s UnAmerican & UnCanadian.  Too bad those aren’t actual words. It’s unorthodox. Now that’s a great word.