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LAWS ON THE COURT: NCAA BASKETBALL: 2014 March Madness Drinking Game


March Madness is finally here! For those of you who have been counting down  the days like myself, I know how excited you are! If you haven’t filled out  your brackets yet, get on that ASAP. In fact, you may be too late, but this drinking game will make you feel better. There are so many exciting games and players to watch out for this year. There will be upsets that will make you want to cry, money lost on  brackets and excitement that will get you jumping out of your seats. Every year brings something new and exciting to basketball fans across the world. It is March, everyone, and, it is time to get mad!

This game is a great way for college basketball fans to get into the mood. If college hoops isn’t your thing, not to worry, join in on the drinking fun! Good luck.

The Rules

The first rule to remember is that this is all in fun, unless your like me and that is just not going to happen. However, even if your brackets get turned upside down, and things get embarrassing, at the end of the day if you have a drink in your hand, you will have just as much fun as the person next to you!

The Basics

Let’s get the madness started, shall we!

DRINK (sip or swig your adult beverage) when someone  says …

*MAGIC *BRACKET BUSTER *UPSET  *I CALLED THAT! *NO ONE HAD THIS IN THEIR BRACKET  *110 PERCENT  * LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY *CLUTCH  *THIS IS AWESOME, BABY – applies only if said by Dick Vitale  *ONIONS! – applies only if said by Bill Raftery

DRINK sip or swig your adult beverage when …

* a player pounds his chest
* someone looks at their bracket for updates

CHUG your beverage if…

* Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) performs a monster dunk in the face of his opponent
* Commentators make a joke (this happens more than you think)
* you see a cheerleader crying (chug two if you see a dude in the crowd crying)
* a coach gets a technical foul

Still standing?

We’re going to take it up a notch.

TAKE A SHOT (or finish whatever is in your hand) when…

* a player hits a deep three and someone says he hit that from “outside the arena” or “(insert local city here)” or “another zip code”
* if an upset happens
* if you lose a Final Four pick in the “second” round
* a game ends on a buzzer beater – if it’s anything like this one by Tyler Ennis, just walk out of the bar because you will see nothing better.

BUY A DRINK  for someone who knows the following random trivia…(Answers are at the bottom of the page)

* If someone can name the starting point guard for Oregon
* If someone can name the 16th seed in the West without looking
* If someone can name the mascot for South Dakota State
* If someone can name what conference Wofford Terriers play in


Keep the drinks flowing all night, ladies and gents!


Watch out for those upsets everybody! And like this crowd, wear your teams colours with pride and bring out your inner MADNESS. Let the games begin! Cheers!