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LAWS ON THE COURT, NCAA Edition: Best Hair Elite Eight


There’s the Elite Eight that happened three weekends ago – and then there’s the Babes Dig Balls Best Hair Elite Eight, ranking college basketball‘s best hair for the 2012-13 season. There will be no brackets, just a straight breakdown of the eight best (and best at being the worst) hair in college hoops this year. In no particular order, here we go!

Nerlens Noel, Kentucky Wildcats

It’s only appropriate to start with a player who is made most famous for his hair even if his season-ending injury sidelined him for the remainder of his NCAA career (he declared for the NBA Draft on Monday). Noel is famous for his hi-top fade and when he announced that he would attend Kentucky, he went so far as shaving in the UK logo into the back of his head. But, it was the photo he shared via his Instagram account (@nerlensnoel3) that really made heads turn. Our favorite Wildcat added color to his signature look and showcased it to the world stating simply, “It’s different. #UK” I can’t argue with Nerlens – it IS different.

Sherwood Brown, Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

When you’re part of a team that earned the moniker “Dunk City,” it’s hard not to notice you when you’re the leading scorer on the team. I saw those dreads for two of the most painful hours of my life as a Hoya fan – and they are engrained in my head

Mike Bruesewitz, Wisconsin Badgers

Mike Bruesewitz has some sweet hair. It’s red, it’s frizzy, it NEVER looks like it did last time. Simply put, it’s spectacular – for all the oh so wrong (and yet so right!) reasons! You know this guy walks around on Wisconsin’s campus and gets ladies because while he isn’t a football player (a bit more clout on that campus), he is still a basketball player. I also like to think that there is some frizzy-haired redhead roaming State Street who gets ladies because they think he’s Bruesewitz … but he’s really just a frizzy-haired redhead. On a campus of nearly 45,000 undergrads, things like this can DEFINITELY happen. The screenshot below seems like Mike saw the rest of this list and gave his best McKayla Is NOT Impressed look.

Ben McLemore, Kansas Jayhawks

Ben McLemore gets the nod because he knows where his bread is buttered – and shockingly for this list, it’s not his hair. However, it IS his sweet ink, his awesome dance moves and he’s pretty good on a basketball court. He may have the best tattoos I’ve ever seen and definitely the smoothest moves. And his decision to keep the hair simple so as not to take away from the ink, dancing and skills, well, that’s what gets him on this list. High five for knowing your best assets, Ben! I applaud you!

Will Yeguete, Florida Gators

Will Yeguete gets a spot on the list in a sort of “Most Improved” way. Typically a thinly-veiled insult that insinuates that perhaps no one expected you to do anything of significance due to their low expectations. In this particular instance, Yeguete started the year with a haircut and headshot any mother would be proud of. By tournament time, Yeguete was sporting a questionable mohawk that falls under the category, “so bad it’s good.”

Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga Bulldogs

As a reader of this blog, you know that I considered Kelly Olynyk and Gonzaga hoops to be overrated this year … on the court. In terms of hair, I am a huge fan of this Canadian with locks that make you think Hanson’s “MMMBop” days. Think the middle brother – pretty sure his name was Taylor. I’m also pretty sure typing that last sentence was one of the saddest moments of my blogging career to date. Sigh. Anyway, Kelly Olynyk, otherwise known as grown up Taylor Hanson – or maybe, not nearly as attractive as Chris Hemsworth’s Thor? Either way, awesome locks!

Luke Hancock, Louisville Cardinals

Not all great hair has to be on top of your head, and in Luke Hancock’s case, it’s his sweet beard that makes him famous. Okay, maybe it’s part of being on a national championship team – but nope, I’m going with his sweet beard. Despite always being in his Louisville uni or official team gear, I imagine him as some sort of lumberjack. And it’s awesome.

Bryce Drew, Valparaiso Crusaders

So, let’s be honest. The average age of the coaches in the Final Four was just shy of 60, so sometimes it’s just nice to see a young good looking coach on the sidelines with a nicely-coiffed ‘do. And that’s where our boy Bryce Drew comes in. Sure, once upon he hit “the shot” heard every March, but nowadays, as a coach, he’s just one of those good looking guys on the sidelines with some gorgeous hair. He’s basically looking at all of his older counterparts and saying, “Sure, you’ve got more wins, but I’m the young buck with the great hair.” And you know what? That’s just fine by me! Check the still below from a year ago in the postgame press conference following Valpo’s loss in the Horizon League finals. That’s right, that beautiful hair is after a loss, and not a single strand is out of place.