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LAWS ON THE COURT, NCAA: What’s Television Got to Do with It?


Sure, you’ve got a television, so do I … and for a lot of us, that’s how we watch our college basketball. So what? Well, on Tuesday it was announced that CBS was ready to start sharing even more of their TV  rights, including those to the NCAA Final Four. As reported by Chuck Schilken of the LA Times

Over the next two years, the first two games of the Final Four — the national semifinals — will air on TBS, with the championship game remaining on CBS. After that, the two channels will alternate showing the entire Final Four, starting with TBS in 2016.

I’m not all that concerned – just like Schilken, I agree that we will all find the games. And, as a once-up-a-time poor college student, I learned that even the most basic of cable packages usually comes with TBS. So, unless the “bunny ear antennas” are being used to watch the national semifinals and championships games, I think we’re all in the clear.

However, more than one person has let me know that they’re frustrated with this change. I mean, if you’re telling me that One Shining Moment is owned by CBS somehow and will only air every other year, then I’m going to have some serious problems. Let’s look at an awesome “One Shining Moment” – in case you’re not familiar, CBS always puts together the most memorable moments from the three weeks extravaganza that is March Madness and sets it to the tune of Luther Vandross’ “One Shining Moment” (except for that one year they used the J-Hud version … love J-Hud, but not for this!).

Why are we some so unwilling to change? Quite honestly, I’m not sure. If not for the CBS agreement with Turner Sports, fans would not have access to EVERY game on television. And with the March Madness app, every game can be accessed somehow on the screen of your choice. Sure, it’s inconsistent with the tradition that we know today, but here are some other things that were new and radical in their day that I think we’re all pretty psyched about now:

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Smartphones (it’s like a television in your hand!)


Remember the “dumbphones” we used to rock? Yeesh!

Shake Weight

shake weight

Look at this photo and tell me you’re not laughing

Babes Who Know About Sports

… Well, you’re here aren’t you?

Do you hate the new television rights? Do you love them? Either way, let me know