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LAWS ON THE COURT: Pure Talents & Apologies

Posted January 22, 2013 by Hope Laws in Featured Blogs
Kevin Durant:

Just the other day he scored a career high 52 points against Dallas. Beauty. He is a Toronto Raptors fan.

“Believe it or not, I wanted to play for the Toronto Raptors; that was my favorite team growing up…”

His favorite player? The one and only, Vinsanity, Vince Carter.

Not only can Kevin Durant play ball with pure talent and greatness, he also has a shoe line, makes music, and has amazing style.  Sure, he hasn’t won a NBA Championship, but he did win the World Championships in 2010 and a 2012 Olympic gold medal with team USA. Standing at 6’9″, he’s a small forward (yeah you read that right, small!) He was a big winner in college, 2006-2007 National College Player of the Year and 2006-2007 Big 12 Player of the Year, with the University of Texas. He was selected second overall by the Super Sonics, where he won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He led the league in scoring, and is the youngest player to win the scoring title. But enough about boosting up his ego…recently he was also in the NBA Championship finals, with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lebron James may have 20,000+ points and a championship ring, but Kevin Durant has style, grace and is well on his way to demolish Lebron’s achievement of being the youngest to complete the points milestone.. (Durant at 24, has 11,150pts.. and counting)

Lebron James:

James hit a career milestone (or milestones, I should say!) He has joined the 20,000 points club, and the 5,000 assist club. The youngest to reach the 20,000 mark, but I don’t see him holding that title for very long, as he is 28.

“Getting the 5,000 assists seems like more of an accomplishment to me than the scoring… Chris Paul just got his 5,000th assist and it’s cool to have the chance to join him. I never have seen myself as a scorer…” – Lebron James

LeBron, I never saw you as a scorer, either — especially when you had nothing to work with, and your fourth quarter playing style. Thankfully the King chalked his accomplishments up to his loyal teammates and mentioned that he was grateful  for having a team full of talented players to help him with his milestones.


Kobe vs. Calderon

Sunday was the epic battle between the Raptors and the Lakers. Fans filled the stadium, mainly in favour of the Lakers, chanting Kobe, Dwight and Nash’s name. The Raptors never saw the other side of the scoring, they were leading the lakers every minute of the game. It was a shock to many when both Amir Johnson, and Aaron Gray were struggling with foul trouble against Dwight Howard. Allan Anderson took care of that problem though, refs awarded both Dwight Howard and Anderson technical fouls for elbowing each other. Howard didn’t think it was fair and said something to the ref.. Howard was then tossed.

Kobe wasn’t on his best talented on Sunday, nor was Nash. Pau Gasol on the other hand played really well.   Jose Calderon scored 22 points, Kobe had 26, while Landry Fields had the best game of this season with 18 points. Kobe finally started playing the fourth quarter, though it was a little to late.. Mamba.

The Raptors won 108-103.


 Officials Apology to the Raptors..

The Raptors have lost yet another game, which they should have won. The officials who reffed the game on Thursday, have apologized for not calling the right foul. Again.

This is the second time they have messed up a game for the Raptors. Always. In. Toronto. Long story short, Amir Johnson was fouled as he was going for a layup. The ref’s decided he wasn’t going to the basket. Oh, no he wasn’t anywhere near the basket. Yikes! It could have altered the game.

Hey, David Stern, why not suspend refs for making mistakes like you do players? Oh yeah, you’d rather just suspend players for calling out others, running into refs, kicking others in the balls, and flopping. I can not wait until you resign. Seriously, I’m counting the days.


–New Orleans Team Name Poll—

Last week we put out a poll asking what you guys what you thought on the new proposed team names for the new New Orleans name.


And the top name winner is…. Bull Sharks.


Photo Credit: Danny Bollinger/NBAE via Getty Images, @TheTorontoRaptors Instagram.

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