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LAWS ON THE COURT: Rapper Drake to Join the Raptors…Well, Kind Of!


Rapper Drake to Join the Raptors…Well, Kind Of! What am I looking at, Drake as the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors? Really, Toronto? I’m not sure what they were thinking, I mean I get that we’ve completely hit rock bottom, and probably will tank again this year. But bringing a kid, whose claim to fame is “starting from the bottom”… He doesn’t even know what bottom is. He’s from the rich part of Richmond Hill, and he was on Degrassi, as Jimmy Wheelchair. Give me a break. The best advice I can give the Raptors or the NBA, don’t HIRE Drake to be your global ambassador.

Also, The Raptors, probably won’t be the Raptors in 2 years. The league has given a request for a new team name, logo, and colours. Guess, they really did hit rock bottom if they’re changing the name. I just hope they won’t be as… What’s the word, silly as the Pelicans. And a huge congratulations to the Raptors organization and the city of Toronto for being awarded the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend!

Kobe for NBA Opening Night?


So, there have been some reports saying Kobe will be returning for NBA Opening Night, and then others say he won’t be. Well what is it? D’Antoni doesn’t even know when he will be returning, and I’m sure the #BlackMamba doesn’t know when he’ll be returning to the NBA either. I wish the media outlets would just stop giving people news that wasn’t true. He tore his Achilles. Do you know how hard it is to return from an injury such as that? I doubt he’ll be returning until at least December. Don’t get your hopes up folks. Like D’Antoni (Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers) said

I don’t think anybody knows… He doesn’t know. He won’t know until he gets back on the court and we see it. It’ll be something we watch day to day. Hopefully there is no adjustment. Hopefully he’s exactly the way as when it happened. You don’t know that. But I can guarantee you he will find a way to be effective. What this is, we’ll all see.

Can’t wait to see him, whenever that will be.

Editor’s notes: I personally think the move by the Raptors to bring Drake in is a great idea. This is a team that has 13-14 year olds watching — who only know the Raptors as a losing team. (I mean, we’ve won 1 playoff game and are still living off Vin-sanity?! COME ON!) In order to garner a younger audience, the marketing move behind this move was pretty genius. Not to mention Drake is one of Toronto’s biggest ambassadors today, thus bringing more eyes to Toronto. And hey, if we’ve learned anything from the Blue Jays this year, throwing money into a roster doesn’t make championship team — so, perhaps it’s time that we started from the top — not the bottom — and that would be with a famous face — Drake.