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NFL BLOG, 3rd AND 10: What Ever Happened to the Eagles?


I’m sure you all remember when the Eagles were the dream team. You know, when the roster was full of budding talent that was expected to mold together into a super team. Things never came together and it was blamed on the lack of preseason time as a team. And then, it was blamed on Vick, and then Reid, and then Castillo — and then…

Well the cold hard truth is that the Eagles are currently 3-4. They have lost three straight games, and the last loss didn’t have single Eagle turnover.

Obviously something has to change for the Eagles or they will never get better.

The first thought is the quarterback. Michael Vick has been a debatable figure in the NFL. He was once loved and then hated and still pretty much disliked. No one is giving their kidney to Michael Vick. Now, Andy Reid has hinted that he will bench Vick and try out Vole. This isn’t the most insane thought. Michael Vick has become something of a turnover machine to make even Fitzy jealous. A total of 8 interceptions and 9 fumbles. However, this isn’t the big picture. The big picture would be looking at their ghetto O Line, the offensive coordinator and well…Andy Reid. Of course, the blame always falls on the QB and with the admittance that Vick has lost his love for the game, the switch up can’t be stopped.

Now, let’s get to Andy Reid. The man has been making up excuses and feeling the heat for 14 seasons. After this past bye week, he went through his bag of tricks again and dumped Castillo in favour of Bowes — it didn’t do much good. Eagles fans began chanting “Fire Andy” before the game was even over. Reid is running out of tricks. Playing the bench the QB card is probably the last thing in his bag. The truth is that the Eagles have looked like a “meh” team since the beginning.

Reid has owner Jeffrey Lurie’s threat in his mind and there are 9 games left.

Reid’s desperation wasn’t enough to shock his team into coming out strong Sunday. Firing Castillo wasn’t enough either. The only thing that might make a listless team try a little harder is benching Andy Reid- not Michael Vick.