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NHL BLOG, SIX PACKS ON ICE: Ride This Hockey Love Train

Posted February 14, 2013 by MichelaRicci in BDB
What is today celebrating?


What do we love?


So even though today is Valentine’s Day, this is still Six Packs on Ice, so we’re still going to bring you hockey content to get you through your Thursday.

♥ ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ ♥ 





How will we do that? Well, to start, I wrote you a little poem…

If I could marry hockey I totally would,
If you don’t feel the same than you certainly should.
I don’t mind sharing my love for the game,
A passion so deep we can’t help but proclaim!
People say that today is all a big scam,
But to them I say “We don’t give a damn.”
Because we’ve got hockey to watch tonight,
We’ll be drinking a beer, it’ll be a delight.
When we crank up the noise and they drop the puck,
You’ll be all “Valentine’s Day? I don’t give a… Funyun.”

I mean, really, look at all the games on tonight.


7:00 PM ET
7:00 PM ET
7:30 PM ET
7:30 PM ET
8:00 PM ET
8:00 PM ET

And until then, I have created a plethora of random hockey-related activities to keep you busy!

Look, a Video!

Ah the good ole kiss cam. Let me run down for you the types of couples flashed on the kiss cam before you enjoy the clips.

1- The New Couple. They are disgustingly into each other and just waiting for that camera to turn to them so that they can hurriedly bump their faces together and giggle. “Oh my gooooosssh! It’s us! Hehehe.” If you’re SO excited about it, pump the breaks and enjoy that kiss.

2- The One-Sided. Someone is clearly more into it than the other. Sometimes it’s the dude being funny and grabbing her face for a vicious game of tonsil-hockey, or it’s one party not ready to make the move and the other is left hanging; Whether a kiss happens or not, these two are on very opposite pages.

3- The mutual NOT-GOING-TO-HAPPEN. Maybe she laughs and mouths “That’s my brother!” or they both cringe at the thought, you just know it’s a fail for the viewers.

4- The Excited Old Couple. These two are far too into it for their age. Please camera man, next time just refrain.

5- The Hilarity. Oh they showed two of the players together?! Chuckle-me-timbers, this one’s always good for a laugh.

(Side note: The dude at the end is hamming it up for the camera, but he has 2 beers and is at a hockey game, doesn’t look too awful to me!)

Look, Another Video!

This could absolutely be me. The goalie, not the French maid, duh. Why communication is important (especially in the boudoir!) Thanks funny hockey commercial for making us laugh.


If you’re alone on this Valentine’s Day I don’t want to hear any excuses for saddness. There are plenty of fun things you can do today, like:

♥ Watch Steve Dangle videos and laugh

♥ If you like the ladies: Check out our hockey Babes via past articles like Leave it to the Ladies, and SBOTD Tessa Bonhomme.  You could also look up hot hockey ice girls and dream that you are enjoying a… classy steak dinner together.

♥ If you like the boys: Look at all our hockey players on SBOTD, they’re crazy good looking and funny! We’ve got  Brandon Saad, Jason DeSantis, and Tyler Seguin, just to name a few.

And if you’re still feeling sad, well, at least you’re not this guy:


Michela’s Top Pick of the Week

This week’s Top Pick video from is from the BCHL. Brady Shaw pulls a sick spin move to score against Langley Rivermen on February 11, 2013.

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

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Just a desert native who lives and breathes ice hockey, oh the irony… Born and raised in Arizona,and been skating since she was a squirt. Michela worked on the Ice Crew for the Phoenix Coyotes and was then a Coyotes cheerleader for 3 years. After graduating Arizona State University she moved up to Boston to pursue work in sports, but has returned to Arizona. Huge Coyotes fan, loves the Bruins, and has always had a liking for the Pens. Realizing that her dream in life will never be fulfilled (because she’s not a 6’4 Canadian male who is capable of playing in NHL), so she’s searching for the next best thing.

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