Alright, hockey fans. The NHL may exist this year, it may not. Nevertheless, we have an important question for you.

Is the man cave ready?

If your answer is no, or some mumbling excuse of “it’s not fully operational”, then we are here to help!

You have no reason to not be working on your glorious hockey hideaway at the moment, as we are all too aware of the extra free time.

And ladies, this does not exclude you! Just roll with the “man cave” title and be proud to call one your own.

We’ve browsed the best mantuaries on the internet, and found some common denominators. Now these may be hockey biased, but we’ll include essentials needed for any themed sports sanctuary.

Man Cave Necessities:
1. Beer. Beer. And more beer.
The best ways to execute this is a beer fridge and/or a kegerator. Additionally, when we say beer fridge we absolutely do NOT mean a mini fridge. What is that tiny excuse of a cooler?! Congratulations, you can fit a 12 pack and half a sandwich in there. If you want to be respectable get a regular size fridge and fill it to the brim.

2. HD Television
The television is what makes or breaks a man cave. When pro hockey games finally show up you’re going to want to watch them correctly. This means ordering NHL Center Ice too, by the way.
Oh and yes, size matters. LCD, LED… doesn’t freaking matter. Just go big or go home.

3. Air Hockey Table/Bubble Hockey
You’ve got 2 intermissions and need to get up periodically. What a better way to take a break then by playing some hockey of your own!? Get your air hockey or bubble hockey on, or better yet take out that extra wall and put up a net where you can practice your slap shot between periods. Oh, did I get carried away? Excuse me…

4. Chairs/seating
Hey, you gotta watch the game from somewhere comfortable. Whether it’s a couch, beanbag, chair, just make sure it reclines and has cup holders.

5. Sports Memorabilia
Can’t have a sporty man cave without some jerseys, pucks, signed stuff, etc. If not in here, then where? Showcase it.

As long as these things are part of the space, be it basement, attic, or spare room, and you and your buds can enjoy the game from it, it’s a man cave. Decorate how you like, throw in your favorite team paraphernalia and some sweet furniture made out of sports equipment, (i.e. coffee tables made out of hockey sticks), and it’s a place to call home.

And remember babes, one for the man cave, and man caves for all!