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Olympics: Wrestlers kicked out?! But They Allow Cheating Gymnast Judges??

Ok, so the oldest sport in Olympic history was kicked out. Wrestlers and fans are still licking their wounds, and crying into their spandex. What could make it worse?  Well, another spandex clad group is cheating! Not only is rhythmic gymnastics still an Olympic sport (where can my cat sign up!) but judges and those wishing to judge this kitty past-time, taken up by humans, have been cheating to pass the judging test!
People are cheating to judge a sport where athletes (oh the pain) prance with balls and ribbons dressed in gymnastics type outfits. I believe the outfits is where they try to be sporty and pass a playful hobby off as an Olympic quality sport. I’ve seen some very coordinated preschoolers play with ribbons, but their parents only took cute photos! Judging is purely subjective, in this sport and they say the cheating to pass the judging test hasn’t effected the results. Yeah! The judging of this bizarre sport for people who couldn’t do actual gymnastics is giving out the correct awards!

Seriously though- how do dozens of judges need help remembering that catching the ball is good and dropping it is  an oops moment?

Check this report from the Times, and see if this sounds like a far-reaching international conspiracy or a bunch of nimrods in high school:

The exam sheets themselves served as evidence of the suspected cheating — crude markups, blatant copying, unexplained bonus points — that proved as clumsy as a botched rhythmic routine.

One test clearly had been touched by more than one person — it was filled with at least two different handwriting styles, the report said. The documents provided no evidence that the suspected cheating had affected any results in athletic competitions.

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