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Ray Rice Arrested: The Beginning of the End?


Restart the NFL offseason arrest clock.
The debauchery has already begun.

It hasn’t even been a month yet and the first arrest of an NFL player has been made. Early on Saturday morning Ray Rice and his fiancé were arrested outside Revel, an entertainment resort, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was reported that both Rice and his fiancé were arrested for simple domestic dispute. However, tips are already coming in that it was more than simple assault. Ray’s coming off his worst season ever and starting his offseason on the wrong foot. Will this be the beginning of the end of Ray Rice as a Raven?

The assault itself was said to involve Rice and his fiancé Janay Palmer. Apparently they got into an altercation and were hitting each other. One tipster said it was more than an open palmed slap. Apparently Rice hit Janay “like he punched a guy, knocked down and dragged her out of the elevator by her feet.” Well. Sounds a little more NFL doesn’t it? Neither Rice nor Janay went to the hospital, and allegedly went home together. An NFL player being arrested for assault isn’t the most unheard of incident; but when coupled with a struggling player it can have more of an impact.

Ray Rice just finished the worst season of his career. He has been with the Ravens for 8 years and has always proven himself as a durable offensive player. However, he only put away 660 yards and 4 touchdowns for the entire season. His per- carry average was a measly 3.1 yards. Rice is now 27 and in this NFL, that’s the beginning of the end. His play could continue to deteriorate. As he enters into his third year of his five-year long $35 million dollar deal, things are looking shaky. The Ravens need to improve after having an 8-8 record and missing the post season completely. Ray is set to make $8.75 in 2014 and the Ravens need as much salary cap space as they can get. Suggs, who was set to have an even bigger payout in 2014, has already agreed to renegotiate his contract to a more team friendly deal. All signs point to either Ray having to renegotiate his contract or being traded. He isn’t worth the money he’s set to make if his play continues to be subpar. The negative publicity be brought to the Ravens with this assault isn’t helping his image either. If the man continues to run like he’s wearing a Asnowsuit AND punched his fiancé like a man, I say something has to be done.

Cut the money or pass him off to someone who wants to take a chance. Either way this is the beginning of the end for Ray Rice.