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Redick Signed an Abortion Contract…?


I’ve learned a new legal term today thanks to NBA player J.J. Redick of the L.A. Clippers;

Abortion contract.

An abortion contract is a legal document, which is viewable on MediaTakeOut defining the parameters of an abortion and what would take place after said abortion.

And apparently Redick, or his attorney, is one of the first to have such a thing because this drama all went down in 2007. Redick was 22 years old at the time.

Redick and his girlfriend at the time model Vanessa Lopez signed a contract saying if she proved that she got an abortion, Redick would try to make things work for one year.

The contract asked Lopez to agree he was not the father of the fetus, which to me would make all other agreements in the contract null and void.

But the contract goes on and also included an agreement for him to pay her $25,000 if he broke up with her before that year was finished, and any contact after the relationship would be considered “stalking.”

This whole concept is very weird to me, but some critics are saying it’s practical. New York Magazine has an article that says though it’s not a romantic concept, it’s practical for a man who fears “accidentally” getting a girl pregnant and she decides to keep the child as a way to get child-support money.

The article goes on, to say it may quiet men who think women choose or conspire to get pregnant and deny their right to choose.

What do you think about the idea of an abortion contract? And why haven’t we heard more about such a thing until now?