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Ronda Rousey’s Caught the Acting Bug


Even though Ronda Rousey hasn’t stepped into the UFC Octagon since her victory against Liz Carmouche on February 24th, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy. The Ultimate Fighter is going coed this next season and Rousey is coaching. Along with her, Miesha Tate stepped up to replace Cat Zingano as a TUF 18 coach after Zingano suffered an injury during training. When Dana White was asked how the taping of the new season was going following UFC 161 stated

“I don’t even know if some of that stuff will make TV. It’s bad. Those two do not like each other and their camps do not like each other. And it is pure (expletive) mayhem every day.”

Well, they may not be able to air all the drama during TUF 18, but it’s still a good way to get Rousey ready for her next challenge. Last Tuesday it was announced by Sylvester Stallone that Ronda would be taking her talents to the silver screen.


So while we don’t know yet which character Rousey will play in Expedibles 3, we know she will join the ranks of such talents like Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Chuck Norris, the former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Bruce Willis and Jason Statham.