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SBOTD Presents: Caroline Buchanan, 3X World Champion and Olympic BMX Rider

Posted February 11, 2013 by AmandaSantos in BDB

Sports Babe of the Day: Caroline Buchanan, 3X World Champion and Olympic BMX Rider, @Cbuchanan68 on Twitter

According to Wikipedia BMX “is the sport of racing bicycles in motocross style on tracks which use an inline start and have obstacles” What Wikipedia failed to mention is how babely and badass they look doing it! Don’t you worry because at BDB we have that part covered. Hold on to your hearts and get ready to meet Caroline Buchanan, 3x World Champion and BMX Olympian. Now Caroline isn’t just great to look at it, she also makes riding look like a breeze. With a long list of achievements and an impressive resume it’s no wonder she’s nick named Cannonball. Caroline began riding at the ripe young age of five years old, and then began competing at the age of eight and well the rest is history! Securing a cycling scholarship with the ACT Academy of Sport and being a member of the Tuggeranong Vikings BMX Club, Caroline is always on the move. Did we mention she is 11x time Australian champion in BMX (Yes, Australian.. HOT!), won Australian Female Mountain Biker of the year three times and represented Australia in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Phew! We could go on and on but I’m sure you’re dying to know if this biker babe is single. So let’s hurry and get to the important stuff

21 Questions with Caroline Buchanan:

(1). How did you get started in BMX riding and cycling?
I started riding BMX at the age of five. I admittedly was a little tomboy interested in anything that my brother Sam Buchanan was doing. Sam got me into the sport and I never looked back.
(2). You have an impressive list of achievements, 2012 London Olympic Games, BMX World Champion 2012 time trail winner and 2012 World Cup BMX season winner to name a few.Describe what it was like reaching these accomplishments. 

I still have to pinch myself when I think of what I have achieved. I guess you could say that I have achieved a lot however I am never content and always striving to be better. I tend to overstretch my self and set my goals really high.
(3). Describe what was going through your head at this time, how did you feel winning these titles?
Winning is a great feeling although the best feeling is winning a race when I have had to rise to a new level, overcome odds and have surprise my self with my ability.
(4). What is the hardest thing about riding?
Finding the 1% improvements to step up to the next level is always the most challenging part of racing at the top international level where everyone is fast and everyone is skilled. The difference between who wins and who looses at the end of the day at Olympic and World level is a 1% difference.

(5). Is there a specific training program you follow?
My training programs fluctuate throughout the year and from year to year through different training phases and depending on whether I am focusing on BMX or Mountain Bikes. Over the past few years ACTAS THE ACT Academy Of Sport has written my strength and conditioning programs. I am now just recently being looked after by the AIS Australian Institute Of Sport for strength and conditions and all areas of my life.
(6). How do you bounce back from defeat?
All of the hard times and adversity that I have had to overcome in my life so far has been what has made me strong person and a strong competitor. I hate loosing but what I hate more than loosing is failing my self!
(7). What is one piece of advice you would give those who are just starting out in BMX riding, whether it be amateur or professional?
Weather beginner or profession some advice for girls I would say race and train with the boys they are the benchmark and have always helped toughen me up and stay ahead of the competition.
(8). What is your favorite thing about riding? Least favorite?
That’s easy my favorite thing I love about riding is the challenge it is never easy! My least favorite thing about riding would be mud races…ewww I hate cleaning and fixing my bike!
(9). Is there something you do to mentally prepare before a ride? How do you get “in the zone”?
I love a crowd and a good vibe at an event that always gets me in the zone. I have a routine at an event that starts from the time I turn up at the track. It’s not just about a routine for each race. The whole day from start to finish is important to be consistent and have a success routine. I always have to get 10 hours sleep before an event also I can sleep :) must have some Koala blood in me.

(10). What is your biggest fear?
Looking back and regretting…

(11). Are you single, dating or married?
I am currently in a relationship with Barry Nobles professional BMX racer from America. We met at a UCI BMX World Cup race in Copenhagen Denmark three years ago. We have been called the Pink and Carey Heart of the action sport world…He is a top bloke!

(12). First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Teeth, eyes and muscles!

(13). How does a guy win you over?
I tend to go for the bad boys and the bad boy image. Barry’s covered in tattoos but a softy at heart and that’s what I love. Confidence and charm will always win me over.

(14). What is one item you can’t live without?
French Bull Dogs the loves of my life can’t live without them. I have two in Australia Diesel and Brie who is my newest little puppy.

(15). Name something you do alone when you’re not in front of others?
Watch multiple episodes of reality junk TV Keeping Up With The Kardashians; Kendra and Americas Next Top Model are my favorites.

(16). Favourite place in the world?
Australia will always be home and is the greatest place in the world. Whistler Canada is by far my favorite place that I have ever been I could live there. A great vibe, lots of Aussies, English speaking and the best mountain bike riding.

(17). If you had a superhero quality what would it be?
To be able to teleport. I love traveling the world for months on end but it would be amazing to teleport across the world and eliminate those lovely long flights and time spent in airports and in cars.

(18). You’re stranded on a deserted island, what three things do you have with you?

Hopefully my toothbrush because I hate smelly breath, food I can be quite a monster when I am hungry and a hammock.

(19). Chocolate or vanilla?

(20). Whom would you feature as the next sports babe of the day?
Anna Flanagan Australian Olympic Team Hockey player.

(21). What do you want to be remembered for?
World cycling dominance and a nice person :)

There you have it folks. Up close and personal with an Australian hottie. I know she’s not single, but hey for our fellow Canadian’s it’s good to know that Whistler BC is one of her most favourite places in the world (bragging rights). Make sure you send over your chocolate Valentine’s or just give her a follow on twitter @Cbuchanan68

Photo Credits: Adam Mcgrath Hcreations Photography

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