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SBOTD Presents: Michela Ricci, Hockey Editor and NHL Writer for

Posted January 1, 2012 by The Babely Boss: Miranda Furtado in Roster

Sports Babe of the Day Presents: Hockey Blogger for and Writer for SBOTD

Hi there! My name is Michela Ricci. And I’m a hockey addict.
The infatuation began as a young child and has grown rapidly, hitting a massive high between the years 2007-… well, now. I can’t stop. If I could marry hockey I would. Me in a nutshell.
I like watching extreme sports, snowboarding, hiking, white-water rafting, eating myself into a coma, and beer. Hooooorraaayy beer.
Workaholics, The Office, and Parks and Rec are time-wasters I enjoy relishing in.
Writing about myself is weird, so I’m glad to have some structured questions… read more about me in my interview below!

23 Questions about Michela:

(1.) In three words, how would your friends describe you?
Goofy, Sporty, Ambitious.

(2.) Who are your favourite athletes or sports teams to watch?
The Phoenix Coyotes will always be my hometown love. I’m a huge Boston Bruins fan, and just NHL in general. I also love college, AHL… really any hockey that’s happening on the planet. Football Sundays are always a good time, and I enjoy attending baseball games in the summer.

(3.) Peanut butter: crunchy or smooth?
Oh crunchy all day!

(4.) I love BDB/SBOTD but I pay my bills by:
I am a manager for Dutch Bros. coffee in Phoenix. The BEST job ever… we get caffeine wasted every day and jam out to awesome music.

(5.) What’s in your DVD collection and/or what’s your favourite book?
DVD’s range from the necessary comedies (Anchorman, Dumb and Dumber, etc.) to Miracle, to The Town, and In Bruges. I’ve got some variety. I love reading, it’s the only thing that helps insomnia, and right now I’m reading a lot of biographies.

(6.) Growing up, did you have a role model or someone who inspired you to be who you are?
Probably my mom, but I didn’t realize it until I became an adult. She was/is the perfect mother, always there when I need her to be and gives the best advice. As an athlete I think Angela Ruggiero was the most inspirational figure I had. She was the first female hockey player I’d ever met and she is a four-time Olympic medalist.

(7.) Who would you bring back from the dead and what would you say to them?
I wouldn’t bring anyone back…. Haven’t you seen Walking Dead? Zombies= no bueno.

(8.) What song do you sing at karaoke – or would you sing if you had to?
It would definitely be a “had to” situation. Like a I-had-too-many-beers-and-this-is-the-only-way-this-would-ever-occur situation. Then I might sing something from Queen.

(9.) If you won a million dollars in a lottery, what would you do with it?
Take a lengthy vacation. I need it!!!

(10.) If you could interview any athlete, who would it be and why?
Mike Keenan. NHL coach and now analyst, I read a story on him from 1995 and have been fascinated with him since. The article compared Keenan to his favorite novel, The Great Gatsby, and since that’s a favorite book of mine as well it has always stuck with me as someone I’d love to talk with.

(11.) If you could be a fly on the wall in any sports team locker room, which one would it be and why?
Probably the Boston Bruins. I want to hear what Claude Julien says to those boys to get them amped.

(12.) Is there a motto, saying or core truth you try to live by?
“Be so good they can’t ignore you” –Steve Martin

(13.) Are you single, dating, or locked down? What do you notice first about the opposite sex?
Locked down. I like a clean smile and a dirty sense of humor.

(14.) What’s your idea of the perfect date?
Hockey game followed by beers and food. Not too difficult, is it fellas?

(15.) What has been your proudest accomplishment to date and what are your goals for the future?
I think that moving across the country on my own and making an entirely new life for myself was pretty good. After graduating I had decided that I wanted to be somewhere else, so I did. And for almost 3 years I lived in Boston and I’m glad to say that it has really helped me grow and understand more about what I want from life. Now that I’ve figured out kind of what I’d like to pursue, I’m thinking about applying for jobs around the US and Canada, and seeing where the work takes me!

(16.) Name something you do when you’re alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others.
Hm… not much, I’m pretty out there. Just add beer.

(17.) What are your three biggest pet peeves?
People chewing like a cow, girls who wear Uggs and tiny shorts at the same time (Arizona State University boasts a lot of this in the winter), pink-hats (girls who PRETEND they know stuff about sports but do not).

(18.) If you had a round trip ticket to any destination in the world, where would you go and why?
That’s so tough!!! Right now I’d say Africa, I want to go on a safari and see the elephants.

(19.) What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?
Oh man, probably to try playing a higher level college hockey. I came from Arizona and it was difficult to be seen by scouts/coaches, and I didn’t know at that age what to do, or even how badly I wanted it.

(20.) What’s your most memorable moment as a sports fan?
I think that it’s a tie. First, the Phoenix Coyotes White Out playoff games as a kid with my dad. Those were magical times as a fan, being surrounded by screaming fans, watching Jeremy Roenick, Keith Tkachuk, Mike Gartner, Rick Tocchet, and Daniel Briere skate their hearts out.  Second, is June 18th, 2011, the Bruins Stanley Cup parade in Boston. I had an absolute blast watching the B’s win the cup and then parade it around the streets of Boston, and I’ve never been in such a positive and happy atmosphere as the entire city was that day.

(21.) What are your guilty pleasures?
Ice cream, it kills me. Also Pinterest, and wine. (So much estrogen in that sentence, gross).

(22.) Name five items you couldn’t live without.
Phone, shades, gum/toothbrush, deodorant, camera.

(23) What do you want to be remembered for?
Being an overall awesome person, one who is kind, trustworthy, honest, funny, and absolutely lives life to the fullest.

If you want to know more about me, get some rando personal bits, and hear a lot about hockey then follow me on Twitter! @MichelaRicci

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