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SBOTD Presents: Rachel Connor LPGA Symetra Tour Golf Player

Posted February 4, 2013 by Tia Preece in BDB

Sports Babe of the Day Presents: Rachel Connor LPGA Symetra Tour Golf Player, @ChillGolf

It’s history making in the books, the first golf interview with Sports Babe of the Day is complete and it’s none other than LPGA Symetra Tour Player Rachel Connor! Not only is this England transplant climbing her way up the ranks on the Symetra Tour but this blonde bombshell is looking good doing it! Whether she’s hitting the links or out with friends you will find this 22 year old having a blast but always remaining “Chill” like her nickname says!  Want to challenge her on the golf course? My money is on Rachel because just a fun fact boys this babe is ranked 1st on the Symetra Tours in Eagles so watch out she can take you on any day!

421237_10151263315140456_829977944_n20 QUESTIONS WITH RACHEL CONNOR

1. How did you get your start playing golf? Did you have any interests in any other sports at a young age?

I started playing golf when I was 10 years old; my dad is a professional golfer at Manchester Golf Club in the UK and also my older brother Scott played at a high level. I actually played netball until the age of 12 as my mum played for England when she was younger, but gave up netball when I started to take my golf seriously. I played golf for England until I was 18, turned professional, packed up and moved to USA on my own.

2. What do you consider the most polished aspect of your game? Putting? Driving?

My iron play is the best part of my game I feel comfortable to be able to fire at pins from any distance.

3. You’ve been playing on the LPGA Symetra Tour, what has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment on the LPGA Symetra tour was when I broke the lowest score record of 61, nine under par in Decatur IL in 2010. That day I just felt like I couldn’t do anything wrong!

545432_10152186114805456_1340827298_n4. What is your ultimate goal with golf, and how to you plan on getting it?

My ultimate goal is to play consistently on the LPGA at a high level. My plan to get there is to continue what I am doing now, staying focused and committed to what I am doing  as far as practice, fitness and the mental game are concerned.

5. Can you tell me about your nickname, “Chill”?

My nickname is Chill because when my little brother Nick was younger he couldn’t say Rachel so he used to say Chill, and with my laid back attitude it just stuck.

6. Describe how you prepare for golf tournaments?

I arrive at the tournament site on Monday after travelling from the previous event the night before, light practice and work out. On Tuesday walk the course and create a game play for the golf course and get a solid workout in. Wednesday is usually Pro Am day when I will play with sponsors of the event these are usually great fun days where you get to meet some really nice people. Thursday is a light practice and workout day.  Friday the event begins through Sunday and then repeat all season.

7. What is the best way you stay in shape for golf on and off the course?

I stay in shape with my trainer Mike at Athletic Edge in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. He puts me through my paces and pushes me to get better, and I also enjoy yoga. I just recently tried Fly Yoga, which is Cirque du Soleil themed. It was so much fun.

482668_10151386195875456_726675836_n8. Let’s talk about your fashion on the golf course, how would you describe it?

Fashion is my second passion to golf; I love to express my personality through my outfits on and off the golf course. I feel like if you look good, you feel good and then of course you play good. I would describe my fashion sense as Glam! Growing up in Manchester England we dress up just to go to the grocery store, I always like to look my best.

9. Have you ever been star struck by a golfer that you have met? If not who would it be?

Back in England I was part of the Faldo Series, so I got to meet Nick Faldo a bunch of times, he was a really cool guy that I learned a lot from. I think if I met Tiger Woods I would probably be a little star struck, he is after all one of the greatest golfers of all time! I also think that it would be cool to meet Jack Nicklaus; he is such an iconic golfer.

10. Who has been your inspiration and/or motivation in your life?

My family is my inspiration and my motivation as they have been there with me through thick and thin and to see them happy makes me happy.

545589_10151729923300456_111237470_n11. Your originally from England, can you explain the biggest difference playing the courses playing over here in the United States?

Coming from England the golf is very different, the grasses and the playing conditions are totally different and when I first moved out here it took me some time to adjust to the putting and the grain on the greens but I have definitely gotten used to it now.

The weather plays such a big part in golf in the UK and as many golfers that have seen the British Open on TV will have noticed no two days are the same. I actually play pretty well in poor conditions as this elapsed to focus your game; I had lots of practice in the UK!

12. If you weren’t playing golf what would you be doing?

If I didn’t play golf I would still be very active but I think I would choose to do something in the fashion industry. I think it would be interesting to see how garments are designed and made.

If your friends were to describe you in three words what would they say?

Ok so this was a hard one, so I actually asked my friends for these three words and they came up with Ambitious, Entertaining & Fabulous.  I have some pretty incredible friends!

photo (1)14. Name something you do when you are alone that you wouldn’t do in front of others.

I sing really loud in my car and seriously think that I have a voice like Mariah Carey’s, of course I haven’t!

15. If we were to look at your top 3 songs played on your iPod, what would they be?

I am really into my music, you would probably find in my top 3  these- Jay-z & Kanye West (working together), Boyz ll Men and Beyonce.

16. What do you do in your off time to relax?

I’m a home body and probably the most boring 22 year old you will meet. I love to Skype my family back in England, the rest of the time I love to just hang out watching movies with my girls … this is perfect for me.

17. If we raided your fridge right now, what would we find?

Always Greek yogurt because I get a craving for McDonald’s ice cream so that is my go to treat! I also have a good supply of half and half for my coffee in the morning!

For all the readers, we have to ask are you single, dating or locked down?

I am very single; some of my friends say I’m so single that I am past single!

600882_10151764488515456_996505876_n19. What is your idea of the perfect date?

I love making memories instead of just doing the usual things so I would want to do something exciting and different like paddle boarding or hiking something that I am going to remember.

20. Who would you feature as the next Sports Babe of the Day?

Maria Sharapova


There you have it 20 questions with the babely Rachel Connor, make sure to sauce her a follow on Twitter @ChillGolf ! 

 (Photo Credit: Rachel Connor)

Interview by @TiaPreece


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