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SBOTD Presents: Sara Price, Pro Motocross Racer

Posted February 22, 2013 by GabrielleLucivero in SPORTS BABE OF THE DAY

Sports Babe of the Day Presents: Sara Price, Pro Motocross Racer, @SaraPriceMXcom on Twitter

This chick is fast. Really fast. We caught up with this babely motocross racer and asked her some questions. So, meet our newest Sports Babe of the Day, Sara Price. She’s a 2010 X Games Super X bronze medalist, 2012 Miss California competitor, and racecar enthusiast, its no wonder she’s locked down. But don’t worry guys, she’s still killing it on the racetrack and if she has her way, you might see a stellar showdown with Danica Patrick sometime soon. Sara is one determined gal and definitely a force to be reckoned with on her bike and in a pair of heels, so check out these 20 questions with this bitchin’ babe.

20 Questions with Sara Price

1. At what age did you start racing? When did you realize you wanted to do it professionally?
I started racing at age 8 when my dad bought me my first Honda 50, ever since I threw my leg over I have never stopped and just kept pushing to be my best… after going to the national level at age 12, I won my first championship at my first out of state race in Texas and then continued to follow the amateur circuit. At age 16 in motocross its pretty much you’re a pro or not, that is the age when your allowed to turn pro and I did! I’m a driven determined person so if I put my mind toward anything I’ll do it!i

2. What is your proudest achievement thus far, in both your career and your life?
I would have to say the day I won Lorreta Lynn National in 2006 since that is every racers dream to win that before moving into the pro ranks then medaling x-Games. And in life I would have to say buying my newly purchased house :)

3. What is the most crucial part of a race for you? What do you think can make or break a rider while they’re on course?
Its definitely mental… believe it or not racing is more then half mental the rest is being prepared. Because if you think you can’t do it or doubt yourself it will show in your riding. So the number one thing is confidence.

4. How do you mentally prepare for a race? Do you have any crazy pre-race rituals?
The best thing you can do mentally to prepare is practice be comfortable and confident and #1 have fun and don’t listen to anyone you wouldn’t want advice from. I don’t really have any pre-race rituals I just kind of do my thing because no matter what, every racer is nervous!

5. What has been your biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?
My biggest obstacle would have to be most definitely would have to be trying to make a living racing its been really tough these days but I’m not giving up :)

6. Who has been your role model growing up?
I would have to say everyone who surrounds me. All of my family and friends, you can always learn great things out of people that try to always be their best.

7. How did you get involved in beauty pageants, and what was your experience in Miss California?
I actually just got a letter in the mail asking me to do both pageants, the 2012 Miss Teen in which I was 1st runner up and Miss Photogenic and then Donald Trump’s Miss California. The Miss California pageant was a different experience for me, instead of IMG_7561
worrying about your dirt bike you’re worried about your looks, you could tell what girls worked years to be Miss California and the ones who were there for a good time.

8. Do you have any pets?
I do, I have a horse named Garnet and actually have had her since before my career in motocross 12 years ago. That’s what I did before a dirt bike – jumped horses. I am also looking at getting a dog anytime now to make the new house a little bit more fun!

9. What is your favorite sport outside of racing?
I would have to say racecars haha but that’s racing to so probably showing horses even though I don’t get t do it very much these days. I really just love anything active and exciting.

10. What songs are you bumping on your ipod right now?
ha well I have been hooked on that thrift shop song lately cant lie about that

11. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Unique, driven, spontaneous

12. What’s the most challenging thing about motocross that your average person might not expect?

13. Do you have any new years resolutions?
I would say mine would have to be building my own racecar by IMG Motorsports to start moving into the driving circuit!

14. Since we know you can’t ride your bike during the talent portion of beauty pageants (or can you?) what do you do instead?
Well in both pageants I’ve been in so far they didn’t have a talent portion but I have been thinking of doing Miss America where they do. But I don’t know haha we will have to see if I do – that will for sure be the last of my pageant career

39359_1500849436570_1094209969_1445332_8349785_n15. If you weren’t racing motocross, what would you be doing?
I would probably be racing cars since that’s what my dad has always done. Or I would be very into showing horses. Not totally sure something for sure exciting though

16. Are you single, dating, or locked down? What do you look for in a guy?
I actually do have a boyfriend we bought our new home together and he actually has been my best friend years before we even decided to be together… what I look for would have to be someone who knows what they want determined and just like my man haha…Know how to use his tools (he owns and fabrication/welding business and races cars)

17. If you could challenge anyone to a race, who would it be and why?
Danica Patrick because I could beat her on two wheels and she could probably show me a thing on four!

18. What’s more difficult: racing motocross or beauty pageants?
RACING by far haha! Everything u do shows on the track and its not up to judges that can decide who wins. But the pageants girls work hard let me tell you! Its not easy looking like a gorgeous woman, it takes lots of work.

19. What would you idea date be? And what should guys make sure they DON’T do when they take you out?
Well I would say let make it a long one and do something fun during the day have a amazing dinner and then relax somewhere unique after! And please when you take a woman out on the first date PAY. That’s horrible if a man doesn’t pay at least the first time out… And don’t call a lady DUDE lol!

20. Who would you feature as our next SBOTD?
James Hill and John Pacheco of Imagination (IMG) Motorsports (@IMGMotorsports)

So there you have it. Watch out for her on the motocross course but don’t be surprised if you see this babe’s name on the NASCAR circuits sometime soon. Either way, you know what to do: @SaraPriceMXcom


(Photo cred: Sara Price)

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