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SIX PACKS ON ICE, ECHL EDITION: Teams Fight for Top Spot


This ECHL season has not been a boring one to say the least.

With only about a month to go for the regular season, six teams are five points apart for the lead.

The Alaska Aces are currently leading the way for the league with 79 points, but Ontario isn’t too far behind with 77. Now, this has been one of those races for the lead we love. Last year, we were sure it was going to come down to one of these to win the Kelly Cup, but this year both have more depth.

Behind those two teams are South Carolina and Kalamazoo. This is very interesting. Both teams have 75 points as of Sunday night. But that’s not all. Both have played 58 games and have a record of 35-18-2-3.

was a team that quietly snuck up behind us and then reared its head to say, “We’re here and we’re ready to win.” Way to go, Wings.

Orlando and Reading sit right below South Carolina and Kalamazoo with 74 points. Of course Reading has established their team last year by taking home the Kelly Cup, but Orlando is another team we weren’t sure about at the beginning of the season. They’ve definitely been another surprise and we’re happy to see it.   There’s still time left for some shakeups though.

Let’s have some fun and try to figure out where the teams we’ve discussed with end up. We believe the Aces and Ontario will maintain their lead in the top two. We’re picking the Aces to end up No. 1 though. South Carolina is very strong currently so we’ll put them in third place, followed by Reading in fourth. Here’s where it gets tough for us. In fifth, we’re choosing Kalamazoo and Orlando in sixth.   Who knows, Cincinnati may climb the rankings and finish in the top six.

Whatever happens, we’re loving this season.

What do you think about how close the race is for the top spot in the ECHL this year?