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SIX PACKS ON ICE, NHL BLOG: #TBT 10 Best Hockey Celebrations


Last October I published this article, and with all the Olympic celebrating going on I thought we could glance at a #TBT to this fun list! Enjoy!!

10. Nail Yakupov does his best “Theoren Fleury” celebration 

Many people hated what rookie Nail Yakupov did last year against the Los Angeles Kings, but I certainly was a fan. Take into account that it was the game-tying goal against the defending Stanley Cup champions with less than five seconds left in the home opener, and it was also Yakupov’s first NHL goal in front of the home fans.

9. The Jamaican team from Mighty Ducks 2

No, it’s not real, but it counts. And there is no debating how awesome their goal song and dance is…

8. Wayne Gretzky scores his 802nd goal

Of course he did, and he did so with the classic running-on-the-ice move. Well done, Great One.

7. The Jagr salute

Signature move done right.

6. Chris Drury scores for Boston University 1997 

Some quality pre-NHL goal celebrating with this goal via Chris Drury. He does the jump into the glass and clears his bench.

5. Alexander Ovechkin‘s 50th Goal — “Stick On Fire” Celebration

Ovi busts out an original “my stick is too hot” move after his 50th goal.

4. Riding the tiger

As Bleacher Report said, “Perhaps the most original celebration came from one of the most annoying players in NHL history.” Dave “Tiger” Williams made the stick-riding celebration famous.

3. Teemu Selanne Machine Gun Celebration

An oldie but a goodie.

2. 1980 Olympic Miracle

What this win did for the United States was phenomenal. Talk about one of the most emotional celebrations in hockey history!

1. Bobby Orr, duh

I mean, come on… His celebration while flying through the air is one of the most iconic images in NHL history.

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