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SIX PACKS ON ICE, NHL BLOG: Your Game Time Besties- Top 5 NHL Fans at a Game


We took our regular seats at the Phoenix Coyotes vs. LA Kings game on Tuesday evening at Jobing.com Arena, beer in hand, everything going well, only to quickly realize what type of lovely fans were sitting behind us. With a blanket draped around their legs (it was about 80 degrees outside at the time) and a lack of knowledge for the game, two young ladies inadvertently became the inspiration for this weeks article.

When you attend a sporting event, such as an NHL game, you are doing so with approximately 15,000+ friends. Here we’d like to introduce you to your Top 5. These are the Top 5 most likely types of fans that you will encounter while cheering on your team. It doesn’t matter if you are at MSG, Staples Center, or Joe Louis, they’re all there.

Please remember to read this in fun and take no offense. It’s all for sport (Ah, see what I did there). You may fit into one of these fan categories and that’s okay, we’ll love you for it. Just like the television show Friends, you may not like who you’d be in it, but every member of the cast is necessary.

1. The Assistant Coach

Personality at-a-glance: Strongly opinionated, bossy, knows hockey but likes to flaunt it far too much.

He does know his stuff, so you can give him props for that. But is it necessary for him to yell past your ear at the players throughout the entire game? He sure thinks so. He’s got those stats locked down and can rattle off numbers and percentages like nobody’s business. This guy doesn’t buy nachos or souvenirs, and he’s hard at work so do not distract him. Maybe he should stop playing beer league rec hockey and put his skill to work. Go coach some peewee kids like Bombay and get over yourself bro.

2. The Pink Hat

The term comes out of Boston where it began as a reference to baseball fans. It is typical in the summers there to see several pink Red Sox hats (aka women), who are self-proclaimed ”real fans”. When challenged on their understanding of the game/team however, they fail to produce few, if any, correct answers.

A sports talk radio show in Boston called “The Sports Hub” has taken advantage of these not-so-smart “fans” in a way that is terribly amusing to listeners. The infamous morning crew on The Toucher and Rich Show send their intern Adolfo out to games to interview said Pink Hats. The term Pink Hats has spilled over beyond baseball and is now applicable to hockey (and football, basketball, etc.) as well. See here what happened when intern Adolfo interviewed a “fan” at the 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup parade:

The girls behind us Tuesday night absolutely fit into this category as Pink Hats. I couldn’t help giggle as one of them continued to shout to goalie Mike Smith, “Get back in your box!!!” As my partner in crime @DavidLukasavitz so lovingly wrote:

You have been to 10 games, yet you are still having the first game orgasm experience. I use this word specifically due to all the moaning, groaning, highs and lows of excitement coming out of your mouth. But don’t get us wrong, you keep us quite entertained with such over the top amount of emotion on the most unexciting parts of the game. And for that, we thank you.


3. The Superfan

He’s at every game; painted face, wearing everything you can buy from the team’s pro shop, or better yet a homemade version of the team’s mascot, and quite possibly drunk by the end of the second period. For the last 15 years he’s had season tickets and been to every fan day, autograph signing and promo the teams ever been a part of. It’s 3 hours before game time and he’s there, not to “pregame” like some of us (guilty), but inside the rink watching warms ups on both sides of the ice before taking his place in the seat that’s got his rump permanently stamped into it and thoroughly reading his game day program. He cheers at all the right moments and is willing to single-handedly high-five everyone within 27 rows. Saying this guy has a “love” for the game is an understatement.

4. The Bunnypuckbunny

Oh I think we all know these ladies… Do I really need to explain? Here, we’ll make it easy with a few yes/no’s.

Do they care about the game?


Are they flaunting excessive amounts of cleavage/legs/butt/heels/makeup/desperation?


Rather than show you a scandalous photograph of one (just search #PuckBunny on Twitter if you’re really that in need), I’ll show you this favorite of mine, just in time for Easter.

5. The Drunk

It’s the beginning of the second period, and somehow this guy’s spent $150 on beer already. Middle of the third and he has a warm can of Bud Light in one hand, and the shirt he started out wearing is now in his other, twirling around in the air like its “rally-time.” Little does he know, his team is up 4 goals and the need to rally is nonexistent. Dare this stop his parade of drunken festivities?  Nope, because he has no idea what game he’s watching or where he is anymore. Dude’s ticket says Section 124, but now he’s up in section 206. Now he’s yelling at the opposing fans in the concourse while trying to find where he parked his car. He (obviously) finds nothing, because he can’t even find himself right now. But again, does he care? Nope! His team just won the game and it’s time to go outside for a little “post gaming” in the bushes. Yeah buddy, glad you enjoyed the game as much as the rest of us.

Michela’s Pick of the Week

As always brought to you by the fantastic crew over at HockeyTube.net, @Hockeytubenet on Twitter.

No one can say no to a good goalie on goalie fight. Washington State rivals the Everett Silvertips and Seattle Thunderbirds got involved in a brawl, which half way through included even the goaltenders. Fantastic.

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